Diabetes and depression

Chief Investigator:

Prof Athula Sumathipala, Prof Carolyn Chew-Graham 

Principal Investigator:

Prof Athula Sumathipala

Study Co-ordinator:

Miss Stefannie Garvin

Funder name / reference number: School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) No: 296
UKCRN Study portfolio: To be allocated
Year 2016-2017

Study design

Qualitative Study 

Primary objective

To explore, understand and capture personal models of illness and cognitions in patients with diabetes; particularly diabetes-specific cognitions and presence or absence of depressive cognitions among the sub-groups; patients with newly diagnosed diabetes; patients with chronic (6 mths - 5 yrs) diabetes with and without depression, and with good and poor control.

The findings of this study will contribute to developing patient-centred interventions using CBT principles, to modify diabetes-specific cognitions targeted to increase concordance and treatment adherence, and to support behaviour change, supplemented by additionally targeting depression-specific cognitions if, and when present. The findings will also be helpful to take into account generic core beliefs common to most patients, as well as specific individual beliefs.