Green Week 2017: 6th - 10th March



Green Week 2017: Be The Change You Want To See    

Green Week is part of a national week of action on climate change, engaging people in the campus community through a week of activities. It raises awareness and informs people about practical projects and solutions which they can get involved with in order to make a low-carbon future a reality.

Take a look at this years Calendar of Events here!


Green Week Pledges: Be the Change... 

We know most of you care about the environment, our health, and our communities. We want to help bring people at Keele University together in simple actions that will improve our impact on these things. Because together, our simple actions can make a big difference - cliche as that may sound. 

We've signed up to Do Nation and are asking everyone to make a simple pledge. Whether you want to try cycling to work, eating seasonably or taking the stairs instead of the lift - there's something for everyone. 

Make a pledge. 

Lets see how much change we can create together! 

Make a pledge here