'Go beyond' is a series of events in early June, made for you.

With events and activities across 4 days, there’s something for every discipline, and every level of career readiness!

Not sure how ready you are? Try out the Career Pulse quiz here and use the resuts to work out which Go Beyond sessions will have the biggest impact for you.

Programme of Events

Monday 1st June

Motivational Speaker - David Hyner 11-11.40

David Hyner will join us for a live talk to kick start the Go Beyond series of events. Jumpstart your motivation- signup early and reserve your access to follow up materials that will help you build on the skills discussed. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted

Going Beyond Covid? - Ben Simkins 2.00-3.00

Worried about how the pandemic will affect your ability to secure a graduate opportunity? Feeling insecure or uncertain? Or just want to make sure you have the most up-to-date information to help inform your plans? This workshop is for you. Learn:

  • the facts about how the pandemic is affecting graduate recruitment
  • how graduate employers are adapting their recruitment processes and how to navigate them successfully
  • about Career Action Planning and how it can help you stay on target to achieve your aspirations even in uncertain times
  • how to take advantage of "Planned Happenstance" and keep your career management agile and flexible
  • about resources to aid your professional and personal development

Decide, Plan, Compete


Tuesday 2nd June

Careers from your sofa- Knowing Yourself; Promoting Yourself - Sarah & Bernie 11-12.00

This session will provide you with a greater understanding of what you can bring to the job market and offer an insight into recruiters’ requirements. Being able to identify your skills will enable you to make more effective applications. We will explore the criteria used by employers throughout the recruitment process from application to interview using the STAR methodology.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted

Careers from your sofa: Presenting Yourself as a Future Professional - Sarah & Bernie 12-1.00

The recruitment process and the networking that accompanies it can be daunting. This session will give you tips to help build confidence, explore the use of verbal and non-verbal communication and offer advice on how to dress for impact.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted

LinkedIn: Beginner to Expert - Ben Simkins 2.00-3.00

This practical workshop guides you through the process of setting up a Linkedin profile, learning key techniques LinkedIn could be described as Facebook for professionals. This practical workshop guides you through the process of setting up a Linkedin profile, learning key techniques to take full advantage of the platform. By the end of this workshop you will have the beginnings of a highly effective tool for networking, research and identifying career related opportunities.

Plan, Compete, Sorted


Wednesday 3rd June

Team working & Followership – SkillSupply 10-11.45

Join Dom from SkillSupply for a practical session on working as part of a team, and the importance of followership, alongside leadership.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted

Problem-solving – SkillSupply 12.30-14.15

One of the key skills your CV needs, and an attractive trait to employers – Join Dom from SkillSupply for a session on Problem Solving, with professional practical advice and guidance.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted

Management Techniques – SkillSupply 14.30-16.30

Join Dom from SkillSupply for an engaging and active learning session to practice and perfect your techniques for management.

Decide, Plan, Compete, Sorted


Thursday 4th June

Finding work experience & internships – Ben and Kathy 11-12.00

Looking for work experience or an internship? Not sure how either of these things are possible right now? At this short session, you will get to see what is on offer, how to apply, and get the chance to chat informally to previous interns.

Plan, Compete

Entrepreneurships - Will Pritchard 2-3.00

Join Will Pritchard, our Entrepreneur in residence, to hear about the opportunities on offer to support you and get your business going. With advice and support on where to start, and tips and tricks for getting ahead.  

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