The group has excellent facilities including:

  • Geophysics laboratory & store
  • Excellent inventory of geophysical surveying equipment (see below)
  • Access to a compute cluster (with GPGPUs) for High-Performance Computing

We are one of the best equipped environmental geophysics research groups in Europe. The majority of our equipment was acquired by a successful bid for SRIF funding from HEFCE in 2003.
Scintrex CG5 Gravimeter

Our equipment includes:

  • 2 x Scintrex CG-5 Autograv gravimeters
  • Worden gravimeter
  • Sensors & Software PulseEKKO PRO GPR system
  • Sensors & Software PulseEKKO pe100 Ground Penetrating radar system with 50, 100 and 200MHz antennae and 100MHz borehole antennae.
  • Sensors & Software PulseEKKO pe1000 Ground Penetrating radar system with 100, 225, 450 and 900MHz antennae.
  • Sensors & Software Noggin Ground Penetrating radar system
  • Campus Tigre Resistivity meter with 64 electrodes.
  • Geonics EM-31 conductivity meter.
  • Geonics EM16
  • Geoscan RM15 Resistance meter with MPX15 multiplexer and PA20 probe array.
  • Bartington Instruments Grad 610 Magnetometer
  • Geometrics Geode 24 channel seismograph with 24 vertical component geophones
  • GEM GSMP-40 Potassium vapour magnetic gradiometer
  • Guralp Systems CMG-DM24S12 AMS with 6 CMG-5U and 1 CMG-5TD accelerometers
  • Guralp Systems CMG-6TD broadband seismometer
  • Leica Geosystems System 1200 Total StationGuralp 6TD Seismometer  
  • Leica Geosystems System 1200 Real-Time Kinematic GPS
  • Bartington Instruments MS2D magnetic susceptibility meter
  • Various laptops, data loggers and a tablet pc to support field operation of equipment