Report a fault

The Estate Service Desk provides a central point of contact for all customers to request maintenance repairs and progress their job requests.

Responding to your request

The Estate Service Desk receives over 17,000 work requests a year. In order for us to prioritise our work we use the following matrix:




Target attendance time

 1 Emergency Failures or defects causing or likely to cause widespread disruption, injury to persons, serious damage to building fabric, services, equipment or property.
Emergency work will take priority over all other categories of work.
Within 2 hours
 2 Urgent
Failures or defects, which do not present a serious risk of damage or injury, but will cause considerable disruption and inconvenience. Within 24 hours



Normal repairs, which are unlikely to cause a high degree of inconvenience or risk to person or property, but if left unattended may escalate to cause serious damage / risk in the short term Within 7 days



Normal repairs which are unlikely to cause a high degree of inconvenience or create any risk to persons or property. Within 14 days



As described in 3 above, but can be deferred to enable the work to be batched and planned on a regular basis. Within 6 weeks