Paul Jordan

Title: PhD Student
Contacting me: I live in Dorset so most of my contact with Keele University is remote
Paul Jordan

I am a PhD student in the English Department. I am working on Arnold Bennett's fiction in the period 1898-1918. My particular interest is in representations of women.

Extra-curricular activities:

I am a member of the Arnold Bennett Society and of the Edwardian Culture Network. In 2014 I presented a paper on Bennett's short fiction to the Arnold Bennett Society. In 2015 I will be presenting papers on Bennett's 1909 novel The Glimpse to the Edwardian Culture Network and on Bennett's play Don Juan de Marana to Bennett Society.

I am interested in how Bennett’s representations of women be seen in the context of developments in biology, sexology and psychology in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, and how Bennett's representations of women compare with those of his immediate predecessors and contemporaries. I am attempting to place Bennett within the context of the contemporary market for a range of different types of fiction, including popular sensationalist serials, short stories, light comic novels and novels with a more serious literary ambitions. I am supervised by Professor David Amigoni.