Interdisciplinary Early Modern Seminars

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Posted on 06 September 2017

‌Several times a semester we hold interdisciplinary research seminars on early modern studies. All are welcome to attend. For further information, contact Dr Nicholas Seager.


4 October 2017, CBB0.030, 4pm

Dr Lena Liapi (Keele University)

'Robbers and Royalists: Inverting Stereotypes in Interregnum Print Culture'


15 November 2017, CBB0.030, 4pm

Dr Marc Mierowsky (Keele University)

'Jane Barker's Philosophy of Friendship'


28 February 2018, CBB0.030, 5.30pm

Prof. Mark Knights (University of Warwick)

'Early Modern Corruption and the Evolution of Public Office'


7 March 2018, CBB0.030, 4pm

Dr Joel Sodano (Keele University)

'What happens when pornography begins in marriage? Fanny Hill and the Book of Common Prayer'


21 March 2018, CBB0.030, 5.30pm

Dr Lloyd Bowen (Cardiff University)

'Honour, Masculinity and the Law: A Jacobean Duel Anatomized'


9 May 2018, CBB0.030, 4pm

Dr Lesel Dawson (University of Bristol)

'Early Modern Shame'