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Keele Art and the Raven Mason Collection

In 2018, the Raven Mason Collection at Keele University was awarded the accolade of full Museum Accreditation by Arts Council England. The collection comprises historic ceramics and archival material from the North Staffordshire factories of the Mason family and their successors. One of the treasures of the University, this important Arts Keele collection was created by brothers Ronald William and John Mason Raven and their sister Dame Kathleen Raven, it contains many important pieces outlining the development of Mason ceramics from the early nineteenth century onwards

The Friends are invited to learn more about this wonderful collection as well as an exclusive look at some of the other unique pieces within the Keele Arts collection archives.

Tickets: £5 for Members; £10 for Guests. Light refreshments provided.

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Raven Mason Suite, Keele Hall
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