Concerts at Keele: Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

The Longest Night

In Norway, the festival of Lussinatten celebrates the longest night of the year. Legend has it that on this night, Lussi, a feared enchantress, punishes anyone who dares to work and, from Lussinatten until Christmas, spirits, gnomes and trolls roam the Earth. The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments celebrates The Longest Night with devilish tunes, ancient Irish, Norwegian and English folk carols and other festive musical treats.

Award-winning Norwegian Hardanger fiddle player and singer, Benedicte Maurseth, The Society of Strange and Ancient Instrument’s director, Clare Salaman, and harpist, Jean Kelly, play an array of beautiful and unusual instruments – Hardanger fiddles, Swedish nyckelharpa, and clarsach (celtic harp). Their collaboration has resulted in a repertoire of songs, dances and instrumental pieces which includes music by Playford and Purcell alongside traditional Norwegian Hardanger fiddle tunes and ancient songs.

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Keele University Chapel
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