All applications for funding should be addressed to Dr James Peacock. Whether you are engaged in doctoral or postdoctoral research on the Americas, Keele is an excellent location to access a wide variety of resources. The David Bruce Centre for the Study of the Americas can provide you with hot-desk office and computer facilities alongside financial support. We offer a range of financial support for visiting scholars, Keele faculty, postgraduates, and undergraduate dissertation students.

Bruce Centre Research Grants

The Bruce Centre offers, subject to financial discretion, grants up to the amount of £3,000 (bids exceeding this amount will be considered in special circumstances) to support defined research projects in topics relating to the Americas. The money can be used for replacement teaching costs to enable writing up the results of research, research assistance, PhD studentships, costs of meetings or workshops to enable the advancement of research, visits by or to partner scholars, the purchase of research materials, and similar expenses to support the direct costs of research. Not eligible are costs for the organisation of colloquia, research travel, and conference attendance, for which there are separate funding schemes. Applicants are expected to submit bids for outside funding (British Academy, AHRC, Leverhulme Trust etc.) in conjunction with the Bruce Centre bid. DBC grants may then be awarded if the bids are unsuccessful.

Applicants may seek support for any combination of eligible activity and cost. They may bid for funding for research taking place over a maximum period of 24 months. All applications should demonstrate that the funds are sought for a clearly defined, discrete piece of research, which will have an identifiable outcome on completion of the funded component of the research. A report must be made to the DBC at the completion of the project.

There are no specified deadlines or forms for these grants. Applicants are required to submit copies of their bids for outside funding and a letter specifying what components of the research project would be funded with Bruce Centre funds if the bids were unsuccessful.

Research and Conference Travel Grants

Faculty Research and Conference Travel Grants offer support for academics at Keele University with significant research commitments in the study of North America. Applications are considered on three occasions during the year (deadlines of January 31, May 31, September 30) and should be submitted to the Director of the Bruce Centre ( Please submit a completed Bruce Centre Research Funding Application Form.

Colloquium Grants

The Bruce Centre regularly hosts International Colloquia where delegates from all over the world come to Keele to give papers on their areas of research over a three-day period. Members of the DBC are encouraged to submit requests for funding colloquia to the director ( There are no specified deadlines or forms for these requests.