Crafternoons: Learning crochet for self-care

Crafternoons are an initiative run in collaboration with Keele University Student Union to support students and staff in learning new craft skills. These include biweekly crochet sessions facilitated by experienced practitioners to provide a supportive and inclusive space for learning a new skill and reflecting on the benefits of crafting for well-being.

  • Keele Academic Lead: Professor Clare Holdsworth, Tamsin Fisher and Professor Lisa Dikomitis
  • Methods used: Participatory craft - participants are invited to learn a new craft (with bi-weekly crochet sessions). These sessions are facilitated and observed by the academic leads to explore the themes of time and space in relation to learning skills and the potential for craft to become a practice of self-care. These observations are alert to the frustrations and challenges of learning as well as its benefits and the potential for craft activities to enhance well-being. Learning craft is developed through a person-centred approach that is responsive to learners’ individual needs and experience.
  • Funding: ESRC NWSSDTP and Methods North West
  • Partners: Keele University Student Union: Charlotte Burke
Crafternoon Fridays