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General information

  • ThripsWikiproviding information on the World's thrips. The prime objective is to give ready access to the scientific names and classification of the nearly 6000 species in the insect Order Thysanoptera with a checklist.
  • The Europe Australasian Thrips Semiochemical (EATS) Network. This group aims to develop semiochemical-based tools for management of thrips of economic and quarantine importance.
  • Thysanoptera in Australia (Oz Thrips).  Details, photos and keys for the 329 species in 96 genera of thrips known in Australia in the sub-order Terebrantia.
  • Thrips of California 2012. Information, illustrations and Lucid keys for the thrips of California. This replaces the 2008 edition. Hoddle MS, Mound LA, Paris DL. CBIT Publishing, Queensland.
  • A superb book on thrips by Gerald Moritz. It is in German and costs only 39.95 euros. See more information and order online.
    Moritz, G. (2006) Thripse. Fransenflügler, Thysanoptera. Pflanzensaftsaugende Insekten. Band 1. Westarp Wissenschaften Verlagsgesellschaft, Hohenwarsleben, Germany. ISBN 978-3894328917. Softback, 350 pages, 105 illustrations.
  • Thrips fiction. A biotech-thriller starring thrips!! When a pocket of pesticide-resistant insects suddenly starts swarming, destroying crops, and killing people, the island of Oahu turns from a vacation paradise to a disaster zone...
  • A book on Acacia thrips in Australia. See the acacia_flyer (pdf format 725KB).
    Crespi, B. J., Morris, D. C. & Mound, L. A. (2004) Evolution of Behavioural and Ecological Diversity: Australian Acacia Thrips as Model Organisms. ABRS & ANIC, Canberra. US$55.
  • An essay by Laurence Mound on Australian Acacia thrips on the worldwidewattle web site.
  • An identification key to the European and Mediterranean Terebrantia has been published. It costs 95 euros (about 65 UK pounds or 118 US dollars) and is in German with 277 pages and 771 figures. Copies can be ordered on the internet and invoices can be paid by credit card Visit the publisher's bookshop website and search for Strassen. Instructions are in English and German.
    Zur Strassen, R. (2003) Die terebranten Thysanopteren Europas. Tierwelt Deutschlands 74. Goecke & Evers, Keltern, Germany.
  • University of California pest management guidelines for thrips in the home and landscape.
  • Information and pictures about pests in the family Thripidae from the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in France, taken from the zoology part of the HYPP (hypermédia en protection des plantes). [includes: Limothrips cerealium, L. denticornis, Thrips meridionalis].
  • A summary of IPM for greenhouse thrips on both vegetable and ornamental crops by Lane Greer and Steve Diver of ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas).
  • "Thripsnet" - all sorts of information about thrips, including online keys, by Gerald Moritz of the Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.
  • Factsheet on thrips in glasshouses by Stanton Gill et al. of Maryland Cooperative Extension, University of Maryland, USA.
  • "Thrips as Crop Pests" by Trevor Lewis, published in 1997. A massive (740 pages) review. Purchase it online.
  • Thrips and tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) on peanuts in the USA, with downloadable research papers by Forrest L. Mitchell.
  • Key to eleven species of thrips found in glasshouses, including Frankliniella occidentalis, Thrips palmi and Echinothrips americanus, from North Carolina State University.
  • A list of the Thysanoptera recorded from Australia, prepared by Laurence Mound, CSIRO Canberra, Australia. It includes unpublished information.

Frankliniella occidentalis

Thrips palmi

  • The species name refers to Dr Palm, an Indonesian entomologist. The species is not known to breed on palms! 
  • A list of about 200 Japanese references on Thrips palmi translated into English, in word format or in ris format (for import into bibliographic software).

Other thrips

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