Award-winning environmental charity praises Keele Internships as a good opportunity for smaller organisations

A woodland creation charity has been able to improve the marketing and the education of its environmental initiatives, thanks to a Keele University Virtual Internship.

Over the past 21 years, Devon-based charity Moor Trees has been leading projects to help recreate native woodland across Dartmoor and South Devon as well as providing research, education and training programmes for schools, colleges and universities. Projects invite local people of all ages and backgrounds to assist with growing native broadleaved trees and planting woodland, learning horticultural skills and about the importance of woodland.

Recently they hired Thomas Partridge, a first year Environmental Science and Sustainability student, through a Keele Virtual Internship. Over the course of the internship, he produced an infographic video that communicated Moor Tree’s vision to potential donors. This was then shared on their media channels to raise awareness.

Thomas said:

“The internship has made me more confident about producing digital media which is useful for any future work in science communication. I am now able to demonstrate my ability to step out of my comfort zone to future employers. Additionally, it shows I have made the most of the COVID-19 lockdown and I am able to persevere throughout the current situation”.

Adam Owen, Moor Trees’ Director added:

“As an environmental charity, we are supportive of initiatives that help personal, academic and professional development. Thomas has been a focused and motivated intern who was able to deliver a short term project which a small organisation such as ours would rarely have the time or budget for.

Taking part in the Keele Internship scheme is an opportunity for someone to help your organisation and learn some skills themselves.”

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