Keele Talent provides specialist skills to Lighting Systems Company

A versatile lighting company based in Stoke-on-Trent has received specialist digital skills and knowledge to develop their business and products, thanks to two talented Keele University students.

Sunset Lighting Systems Ltd, which specialises in producing LED lighting systems for challenging conditions, recently benefitted from two Santander-funded interns – Sueda Ciftci and Joe Lawson – who supported the development of the company’s website and social media communications.

Speaking about the impact that the Keele Internships has had on the business, Terry Walsh, one of the company’s directors, said: “With our creative input and guidance, Joe has completely rebuilt our website, using his technical knowledge and creative ability. We now have a new and professional-looking website that we can confidently direct potential customers to!

“Social Media has also been a major weak area in our skills set. Taking Sueda on board, with her impressive knowledge of social media platforms, has moved the company to a different level. As a result, Sunset Lighting Systems is now getting seen by hundreds of potential new customers.”

Joe, who studies Computer Science at Keele, said: “The internship was a great opportunity for me to develop my technical skills and get some work experience. I had some initial worries about juggling work with my academic studies, but I settled in really quickly. I have learnt how to effectively work in a team and how to build a website for a client’s needs. I have also learnt how fun it can be to be part of a small company.”

Fellow intern and Computer Science student Sueda added: “My experience with Sunset Lighting Systems has been outstanding and I would say to any student who may be hesitant in taking up a similar internship that they should definitely go for it! The Keele Internship programme is supportive and is the best place to get experience during or after study.”

Summarising, Terry said: “Keele Internships was a great choice for the company for two main reasons. Firstly, Joe and Sueda were able to utilise their specialist technical knowledge, which is far superior to ours, and secondly, they are very much in touch with modern practices and trends among their age group - a market area we want to attract in the future.

“It’s a route I would recommend to other companies especially if, like us, they're a new or small company. It introduced us to two talented and knowledgeable students, both of whom we’d like to employ as our website and social media gurus!”

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