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Two internship schemes to give you access to our students and graduates!

We have two internship schemes:  The Student Knowledge Exchange scheme is ideal for one-off short projects and the Santander scheme is ideal for longer term roles - more details below.

Why offer an internship:

  • University students and graduates can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the workplace
  • Less expensive and less risky than taking on a permanent member of staff
  • Students/graduates may have a specific skillset that you need
  • Test drive the talent – many employers find that an internship can be an excellent route to discovering new talent.
  • Give students and graduates an opportunity to put their degrees and their knowledge into practice – today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders!

We can offer advice on which of our two internship schemes is most suited to your needs – if you need to discuss before completing one of the two forms below, please email for a chat. Keele has extensive experience of running internship schemes - we can advise on writing job descriptions, how to attract and then support interns, conducting interviews, and salary levels. On both schemes we offer a free of charge sifting service, allowing you to concentrate on interviewing the most suitable applicants for your internship.

Student Knowledge Exchange

  • A 55 hour internship, fully funded by Keele. Students will work 6-8 hours per week, over approx 10 weeks (flexible).
  • Students will receive £500 upon completion
  • Ideal opportunity to find solutions for short term challenges and discuss innovative ideas
  • Open to all sizes and sectors of organisations, including the not for profit sector
  • All Keele undergraduate students are eligible to apply

Student Knowledge Exchange Internship Application form for organisations

Student Knowledge Exchange Internship Application form for organisations | MS Word (511 KB)

Santander Internships

  • Up to 200 hours internship, part funded by Keele/Santander and part funded by you, based on you offering a min of £10 per hour. We contribute £1,000 to the wages (£5 per hour up to a max of 200 hours)
  • Ideal for longer projects, and particularly suitable for a possible view to permanent role
  • Open to all organisations, any size or sector
  • Final year Keele students and recent Keele graduates will be able to apply to your role. Full time hours can be offered to graduates and part time hours, leading to full time hours can be offered to final year students

Santander Internships Application form for organisations

Santander Internships Application form for organisations | MS Word (144 KB)

It's a short period of work in a specific project or role that enables you to bring the latest student and graduate talent into your organisation. For the student or graduate, it's a chance to gain some additional skills and experience. For both of you, it can be an excellent way to see if you are suited in the longer term.

Longer term roles and full time hours roles will be channelled through the Santander Internships scheme and will be advertised to final year students and recent graduates.  We can also offer a smaller number of shorter internship roles that would be open to all students and offered on a part time hours basis.

We provide advice on who, and how to attract to your role, just get in touch and we will support you through the process -

We have students and graduates from a wide range of disciplines, including Business/Finance, Marketing/Media, Science and IT.

The Santander scheme is open to all types of organisations, regardless of size or sector.

If you are a charity and do not have budget to part fund an intern, please contact us at  We are sometimes able to fully fund an intern for charities, so we can certainly discuss this with you.

A wide range of degrees are offered at Keele University, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and students will have a range of career aspirations and interests.  We have successfully matched students and graduates to organisations offering opportunities in the following areas:

  • Business/Management/Finance/Accounting/Human Resource Management
  • Marketing/PR
  • Policy/Research projects
  • Technical/IT
  • Scientific/Environmental

Please contact us with your specific requirements, we will be happy to discuss with you.

  • Initial consultation with you to discuss your requirements
  • Advice on salary, length of internship, skill sets available
  • Advertising of your role on relevant media
  • Sifting and shortlisting of students/graduates against your job description
  • Once we have sent you the most suitable students/graduates, it's over to you to arrange interviews directly. You make the final choice of candidate.
  • Funding of up to £1,000 toward the student/graduate's wages available to companies taking part in our Santander Internships scheme.

Once we have sifted and shortlisted applicants, we will send you the most suitable candidates to consider for interview.  Usually you will arrange interviews directly with them.  It becomes too complicated with dates and arrangements for us to be involved.  If you wish to interview at Keele campus we will do our best to arrange an interview room for you (no cost for this).

You will need to provide your basic company details and a job description/person specification (we can assist with this if needed) - we provide templates for these for the two schemes.

Usually you will arrange interviews direct with the shortlist of applicants that you receive (we will presift these for you)

Please see below for information on who pays the intern

We will ask you for your feedback on the internship process and your intern - this can help us inform the support we give our students as they transition into the world of work

Keele Internships has 10 years’ experience of running internship schemes and we are proud of our engagement with companies who take on students and graduates.  We can guide you through the process, but here are a few key areas that we feel are important to establish a valuable experience for both you and the graduate intern:

Before the internship:

  • Provide a clear and concise job description - outlining the main duties of the post
  • Give a meaningful job title - best to keep it simple
  • If you are advertising a full time view-to-permanent role (via our Santander Internships Scheme) you will need to offer a rate of pay appropriate to the role (we can advise on this) and ensure that you articulate on your job description any potential career and salary progression in your organisation.

During the internship:

  • A structured induction to the internship
  • Appropriate support to the student or graduate, especially during the first few days/weeks
  • Maintain contact with Keele if you need any further support

For the Santander Internships scheme, you are the employer, and you are able to claim £1,000 back from us (via an invoice) once 200 hours (approx 6 weeks) are completed.  To be eligible for the £1,000 you need to pay the student at least £10 per hour (so our contribution is £5 ph x 200 hours which is £1,000)