Keele University’s Brand Identity

The university's brand reflects our aspirations as well as our heritage. The brand makes sure we present the university to its best advantage with consistency, confidence and pride as we look to our vision for 2020. As all universities across the whole higher education sector position themselves within a more competitive and complex market, strengthening our identity helps current and prospective students, staff, alumni, employers and other stakeholders to immediately identify Keele as an established university with a proud and distinctive tradition of providing education of the highest quality.

The 'logo' is the combination of shield and University name. The brand equity lies with our name 'Keele University'. The purpose of the shield is to draw attention to the name - it is not our identity on its own.

Thus the logo must always be used as shown. The balance of relationship between words and shield has been carefully designed to ensure that attention is drawn to 'Keele' as our key identifier.

Keele University Brand Guide

NEW Keele Brand Guidelines Basics v2 (PDF).

For more support please contact our design team on 01782 734749.


The Keele University logo has been developed to be used across all of our marketing and communication materials for both print and digital channels. Before using our logo please familiarise yourself with our brand guidelines to ensure you comply with all of our rules and regulations.

Our logo is available in various approved formats and variations incuding colour, colour with white text, mono blue, mono black and mono white. An eps version will provide the best results for production and is used by designers and suppliers when handling print. For web and email we would recommend a gif or png. However, for internal usage we would suggest using a jpeg.


Colour example of logo    Colour white text  example of logo    Mono black text  example of logo


Mono blue text  example of logo    Mono white text  example of logo

Full set of logos, grouped by colours as illustrated above.

The ZIP file is 12.8 MB and includes files ready to use in social media, on the web as well as in design.

NB: in exceptional circumstances an alternative format may be made available where placement of this shape logo is impossible. Please contact Design.

PowerPoint Templates

The corporate PowerPoint is available on the Staff Intranet.

The corporate PowerPoint has been updated in our new brand style with the Keele Difference thread through, it is also more user-friendly and there are a range of slide options to choose from within.

There is the option to have a cover welcome slide, a title slide both with a larger logo. You can also choose your subsequent slides which have a smaller logo in the bottom right corner.

The new PowerPoint slides both come in widescreen and standard size.