Alumni: Who graduated between 2000 and 2009

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We collect What Happened To's from about May to about February each year and publish a synopsis of these in the annual Forever Keele magazine.
When Forever Keele is ready to be published (usually about April), we replace the WHTs on the website with those received since February of that year and start all over again, adding them as they come in.



Mary-Ann Eddleston: Working in recruitment since I graduated, spent 14 years doing multilingual recruitment and am now specialising in the Property and Real Estate sector (Mar 2016)

Gemma Peake (Whitehurst): Science teaching, married to Jonny, son called James - the three loves of my life!


Adam Frankenberg: Keele Memory; The small but very active Jewish Society in which I was heavily involved but mainly the truly beautiful campus and long walks around the lacks and in the woods. The grounds must be among the most lovely of any university anywhere. (June 2017)

Robert Pritchard: After graduation, I took a post-graduate qualification in Journalism, before spending seven years as a reporter with the Southend Echo newspaper in Essex. In December 2008, I joined West Ham United and remain here to this day! (April 2017)

Peter Wallace: Although it's been a while since I graduated, Keele is still a special place for both my wife and I. We met there in 1998 and have been married now for 12 years. (Feb 17)

Sam Cooper: After graduation I somehow entered the construction industry. After a few years in high end house building I worked in London Underground for the best part of a decade, before moving back to Birmingham to take up a commercial role for a signage / LED display company. (Jan 17)

Leia Bunker (Ireland): After graduation I initially worked in research. This lead to a role in project management, and finally into marketing. I've also dabbled in fundraising roles, including actually working at Keele University to set up their first big fundraising campaign for the Heritage, Lakes and Valley project. At that time I worked closely with the alumni team, so it's lovely to hear from Keele every now and then. I also became a bit of a nomad when I left Staffordshire and have lived in several UK cities, including Birmingham, Reading, London and Leeds before finally settling in Sheffield with my husband. I still remember Keele very fondly, especially the beautiful campus. I chose to go to Keele because at that time it was one of the few universities offering dual honours degrees and I liked the idea of being able to study more than one subject. It's strange to look at the website and read the newsletters now and see how much has changed. But it's good to see some things also never change - the campus is still just as beautiful and the squirrels still roam free! Keele will always be special to me. (Mar 2016)

Adam Frankenberg: After taking an MA in Jewish Studies at Manchester, I finally achieved my life long ambition of training to become a progressive rabbi.  I was ordained last year 2015 after studying at Leo Baeck College London. (July 2016)

Mirvat Hashim: I got divorced and had to stop my PhD from Nottingham University to work and support my kids in Saudi Arabia. 05/2016

David Hood: Living in Oxford, working as a consultant in London. Have two wonderful boys that make me proud every day!

Darren King: Moved to Canada in Sept 2013, living in Toronto.

Vanessa Lindsey: After Keele I travelled in Eastern Europe, worked in Southern France and completed an MA in Applied Linguistics in Brighton. Now settled back in rural Norfolk with partner Matt and beautiful baby girl Iris. Working as a web manager and Pilates instructor.

Jack Liun Low: I am now Programme Head of a new established university taking charge of Bachelors Degree in Maritime Business. I wish to be in touch with other Keele alumni who are in the Maritime Business. (March 2016)

Elizabeth Mckenzie (Oliver): Worked in advertising for 7 years, then took a break to volunteer in Peru and travel in South America. Since being back I went into ‘post production’ for TV and Film and am now a Senior vfx producer at Framestore (the guys who did Gravity and Paddington)

Yossi Merling: Got to travel a lot and experience different cultures and live in many different and exciting places, working hard but also playing hard and having fun on the way…. (May 2016)

Alex Miles: After graduating with my LLB I travelled the world before returning to do an MA in the American Studies department - this then set me on the path to an academic career and, after completing a PhD, I became a lecturer at the University of Southampton. I am now head of History and love looking after the welfare and academic careers of over 350 undergraduates and post-graduate, aiming to give them as good an experience as I had in the mud, hallowed woods and corridors of Keele! 

Liam Steele : Got married and moved abroad. 01/2016


Nigel Lea: Squirrels... as well as simply having a belting time (Nov 17) 

Marilena Georgiadou: Currently working as a Team Leader for a software development team of a bank in Cyprus. Personal life: me and my husband are enjoying our first year with our baby :) (Jan 17)
Lucienne Eickmeyer (Bennek): I was an Erasmus student and I really enjoyed my stay at this beautiful campus with all the squirrels around. We learned a lot about literature, Shakespeare and life at British universities. Thank you for the great time! Now I am a teacher of French and English in Germany. (Oct 2016)

Sarah Pieper ( Mitchell) : I moved to Germany for work, met a German and got married. Post-Brexit, I have also become a German citizen. (Dec 2016)

Richard Kay: Started as an Area Sales Manager in January 2012, Progressed to National Key Account Manager in November 2014 to present. (Nov 17)

Fabrizio Pischedda : Got my MSC, moved to London to work for 8 years, then moved to Norway where i have been living since with my family.(Nov 17)

Thomas Roberts: After graduating I from Keele I spent a year working and travelling in West Africa before doing a MA Development studies at Manchester university. After a couple of years working in London I undertook a PhD in Human Geography. I then spent the next 7 years working on various post doc projects at Manchester, Kent and Surrey universities. I have recently been a pointed as a lecturer in Sociology at Surrey University. After graduating I from Keele I spent a year working and travelling in West Africa before doing a MA Development studies at Manchester university. After a couple of years working in London I undertook a PhD in Human Geography. I then spent the next 7 years working on various post doc projects at Manchester, Kent and Surrey universities. I have recently been a pointed as a lecturer in Sociology at Surrey University. I returned to Keele in 2012 and got married at Keele hall. (May 2016)

Sian Simmons (Batchelor)In November 2013 I moved to Australia with my husband and two children. I'm now working for Western Australia Police in a Civilian role after almost 10 years as a police officer in the UK. Our two children became three since moving here and we are very settled into the Aussie way of life. (Nov 17)


Ruth Bonsall (McKegney): After graduating I worked in London for a short time working at the Royal Albert Hall. I then moved to Suffolk for work where I met my husband. I now have one son and another on the way.
I am incredibly fond memories of my time at Keele and love hearing about everything that is still going on there. I call in whenever I can and enjoy happy trips down memory lane! (Mar 17)

Paul Donnelly: I have been working in Criminal Justice and Safeguarding since graduating from Keele. I'm now developing information sharing solutions at a Microsoft Partner. (Jan 17)

Gareth Spicer: After graduating I travelled for several year before moving to Canada in 2008 permanently. Travel didn't end there and met my now fiancé and we eventually emigrated to Australia in 2014. Getting married in March and very excited! (Jan 17)

Craig Bell: Emigrated to Long Island, USA in 2006. Married with 3 kids. Employed by financial software company Eze Software Group. 05/2016

Sam Cordier: It's been a roller-coaster ride... I have travelled the world, met many amazing places, ended up in a very interesting place indeed, and married the girl of my dreams! Upon obtaining my Law/Marketing Undergraduate Degree, I left Keele motivated and ready to face the world outside that lovely campus. I wore a suit, got a job, and began working at Stafford Miller, makers of Sensodyne toothpaste (and now owned by GSK). It was great, one of my greatest successes was launching Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste globally. The fact that I was half English, half Persian Iranian, and was brought up in Dubai, UAE helped me understand international markets easily. I returned to Keele in 2002 to get my MBA (and to be closer to my girlfriend at the time). There was no question as to where I wanted to go to get my MBA, I had missed Keele terribly and looked forward to another year there immensely. The only regret I have (which I hope becomes advice to whomever reads this) was that I didn't spend a few more years working before I took my MBA. Although I graduated my MBA with honours, from an academic standpoint I know I would have benefited from a few more years working experience as I would have been able to relate the course material to real life applications better. I even worked as a Keele Steward during my MBA year, which was an amazing experience. You get the witness the University in a wholly different light and it makes you appreciate the hard working chaps in the background a lot more. After my MBA, I did a few odd jobs here and there (at one point selling credit cards!) before ending up as a Marketing Executive in Merry Hill Shopping Centre. It was a short lived but fun experience... It was after Merry Hill that things started to get interesting... I end up taking what was meant to be a temporary Communications Executive position in Codemasters Ltd (the video games company renowned for their quality racing & rally games). The lady I was taking over from was going on maternity leave and they needed somebody to fill in for her. This was the dream job! I loved every second of it. I quickly got myself a permanent position there, and rapidly (in the space of 6 years) went from Communications Executive to Global Communications Manager. My job responsibilities were setting out the global communications strategies for our video game titles in over 24 territories. Yes it was hard work, but what that really meant was travelling the world playing & promoting video games! I got to go to places all over Europe, Russia, and the US. I dealt with people in Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Middle Asia, and Far East Asia. I met promoters, worked with journalists, met publishers, handled events, created strategies, brainstormed, and... well... had the best time doing it. After 6 glorious years there, I decided to come back closer to home. My father passed away in 2007 and that was a big turning point in  my life. It made me realise that family meant everything and being far away from them was slowly killing me. It took me 2 whole years, but I decided to move to Iran to take the job as Managing Director of PGt Advertising. My father had set the company up some years before he passed away and it was in dire need of help. It was the best move of my life. I've seen things which people would only hope so see, experienced things here which are amazing. I now run a strong and successful advertising agency with over 20 personnel. I work with some of the world's biggest brands, across a huge variety of projects and industries. Most importantly, I met and married my gorgeous wife and I live close to my brother, my mother, and my family. Yes, life here is sometimes difficult, but everywhere has it's ups and downs. I go skiing every winter (only an hours drive from where I live), take time off by swimming pools in the summer, and go camping in the some of the most beautiful, natural surroundings I've ever seen. I love my life and although I know that many things have got me to where I am now, one major springboard in my life was my time at Keele University. I will never forget that beautiful place, those fantastic nights in the Student Union, and the great friends I made from all over the world over there. It's what set me up for the roller-coaster ride that is life.

Lindsay Ince: After drifting in NHS administration and IT recruitment for a few years after graduation I moved to London to train as an Archivist at UCL in 2009.  I worked on contracts at the Wellcome Trust and Royal College of GPs archives for a few years before moving back North to do an MA in Public History at York (with the hope of making myself more permanently employable!)  By way of a maternity cover contract at MOSI in Manchester - alongside an MA dissertation, not recommended! -  I luckily managed to secure a permanent role in the archives at the University of Huddersfield where I've been since 2013. (March 2016)

Helga Morgan: Nothing particularly interesting, however having been a very mature student I so enjoyed the Keele experience and would encourage any older person to study at Keele. The staff and fellow students made me feel most welcome and not at all out of place.

David Williams:  Since graduating from Keele, I spent 6 months travelling. Initially I worked for the NHS in Stoke on Trent establishing an award winning employability programme which continues to this day. In 2006, I joined YMCA North Staffordshire. As Director of Business Development I am responsible for developing products and services and securing income. YMCA North Staffordshire has developed a £10m 'Youth Campus' in Stoke on Trent City Centre and is now viewed as the area's leading development agency for young people and their families. I am also Chair the YMCA Midlands Regional Business Team, working with YMCAs across a large geographical area (from Stoke on Trent in the Northwest to Lincoln in the East, and southwards through both East and West Midlands to Bedford and Milton Keynes) offering strategic support.

Alex Wong: I followed the legal career route after university going down the usual path of studying for the LPC and completing my training contract with a national law firm called Shoosmiths. I stayed in private practice for a few years before jumping ship and heading in-house to Capita PLC a FTSE 100 national company as senior legal counsel. I now work for Amazon in their Web Services and Technologies subsidiary as Head of Legal for the EMEA Region in the Public Sector Division. I manage a legal team based in London but also spend a lot of time travelling around EMEA and the US assisting the business to develop its disruptive web technologies. I've stayed in touch with a number of Keele friends who have become my best friends. I recently got married and desperately trying to juggle international travel and  being an overworked lawyer with married life! 02/2016


Lisa Churchill (O'Neill): Qualified as a family law solicitor in 2012 after studying LPC part time and currently working at Birketts LLP (Jan 17)

Joe Cockburn: I am planning to move to Jakarta looking for physiotherapy; my wife is there presently and we hope to set up a surf resort in Sumatra

Mick Cooper: I was the Station Manager for KUBE and was also the non-portfolio officer for Keele Drama Society.  I have set-up my own Theatre Company (MyBeatingHeart) and have had some plays performed across Manchester.  I have recently been awarded a slot in the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester for a play I have written called "Stuff". 24:7 is the premier Fringe Theatre festival in the North West.   My Director for STUFF - Gregg Scott - is also from Keele. Gregg started Keele after I left, joined KDS in 2004 and I met him whilst visiting friends. Gregg and I have remained friends since and he directed a piece I had in a different competition last year. 

Ralph Early: Professor of Food Industry and Head of Department of Food Science and Agri- Food Supply Chain.

Edward Gilchrist: Qualified as a teacher in 2007. Currently working in London as a Head of Faculty at an inner city comprehensive.

Sandun Jayasinghe : I came back to Sri Lanka in 2010 and joined GlaxoSmithKline. My education and work experience in the UK was very useful for this job. I will never forget those nice days I spent at Keele. 12/2014

Nicole Lederle: After Keele and a brief spell at Manchester i did a PhD at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and worked at Glasgow Caledonian University. In September 2010 i moved back to my home country, Germany, happily living in beautiful Bonn.

Margaret Smith: I currently am employed in social work at Glasgow City Council. I have been married a year and hope to take my husband back to Keele at one of the reunions. The best year was as VP Finance and Services 2004.

Margaret Smith (Finlayson): Married to Graeme in 2013 and expecting our first child in February 2015.

Ross Spencer: Now working in the field of digital preservation within the GLAM sector. 05/2016

Matthew Waddington : During the course i moved to Cyprus (and took an extension). We then moved to Jersey. 06/2015


David Appleby: Dr David Appleby was present at the national Civil War centre in Newark on Friday 25 September 2015, for its official opening by Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. Dr Appleby is an expert on the British civil wars of 1642–51, and is one of the main historical advisors to the Centre. (25/11/2015)

Natalie Hargreaves: I went on to complete my GDL (Law Conversion) at Chester College of Law and I then studied the BVC at the College of Law in London.  I was called to the Bar by Lincoln's Inn in 2007.  I was also a Scholar of the Inn.  I joined Brabners LLP in 2007 and I later cross-qualified as a Solicitor.  I now work in the Family Department specialising in divorce and financial remedy (generally high net worth) on divorce.
 (Mar 2016)

Robert Holt: Qualified as a Solicitor in 2009 with a Manchester law firm, joined the in-house legal department at a bank, before moving into the Financial Crime Compliance department at the bank's offices in Vancouver, Canada, where I live with my wife April and our son Julian, who was born in February 2016. 05/2016

Emma Laurence (Thorpe):
I qualified as a solicitor in 2009, specialising in Private Client work.  I married fellow Keele graduate Graham Laurence on 5th July 2014 almost 10 years after meeting at Keele in our final years. (10/2014)

Frederick Martin: Senior Trade Union Official for Health and Social Services - Unite the Union. 05/2016

Ala Jabar Mohammed: I have been working for UNHCR since 2013 in Iraq, which is a rewarding and challenging experience. Undoubtedly, studying at SPIRE played a major part in shaping my career.

Dilshan Outschoorn: I am a self-employed IT contractor, working for my Own company Panthera technology Solutions Ltd (March 2016)

Lauren Prager: Graduated from Keele in 2005, went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law from Staffordshire and shortly due to finish an MSc in Strategic Procurement Management. Marrying another ex-Keelite later this year! 12/2014

Sarah Scales (Powell) : I have recently married Rik Scales (2005) So another Keele relationship has turned into marriage!

Luke Thomas: I married a fellow student of IP and after stints in finance in Birmingham, Manchester and the Channel Islands, we moved to New York. It all started at Keele - looking forward to the next adventure! 01/2016

Kara Thompson: I’ve just had my first child on 18th January 2014, he’s called Elliot Bruce Stinson.



Peter Hill: Completed MSc in Public Policy and Programme Management at Bradford before studying for PhD in Social Policy at Warwick.  Currently teaching at Warwick and KCL. Married to Victoria (nee Stageman). Three children, Joseph, Rosemary and Eleanor. (Jan17)

Peter Atkinson: Started working as a trainee QS for a housing maintenance company, before moving to the local ALMO, and then going self-employed.

Oliver Flackett: I left Keele upon graduation and then I chased my application to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  I am commissioned into the MERCIAN Regiment (Keele's Local infantry unit) in 2008 and since then I have deployed on 3 tours of duty, and served in countries all over the world. 05/2016

Jason Hunt: Commenced with ANZ as a graduate January 2008. ANZ are a top 4 Corporate bank in Asia and the most international Australian bank. At ANZ I lead a team of liquidity product specialists that focus on complex cross border liquidity management, balance sheet & account services and client money management. Since leaving Keel I met my beautiful wife and live in Melbourne Australia with our Labrador Bailey. Had a great experience during my time at Keele and from time to time come across other Alumni in my travels. (May 2016)

Liz Hancock (Rushton): I graduated from Keele with my BA in English with Media, Communications and Culture in 2006; however stayed on to study MRes in Humanities (2007) and subsequently a PGCE in English (2008). I also worked for the widening participation department at Keele on summer schools. After my PGCE, I went on to teach English in secondary schools in Stoke and Crewe, ultimately becoming Head of Faculty. This year is my first year as a self-employed English education consultant and I also work part time for LJMU as a liaison subject tutor for their Schools Direct programme.


Laila Biyira: Studied a masters in globalisation and development at SOAS. Worked at various Investment Banks-Goldman Sachs, HSBC. Moved to Ghana in 2010. Worked at UNDP, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre.

Tom Reynolds: Shortly after leaving Keele I was elected as a councillor in Stoke-on-Trent and served for 7 years while working in the trade press as my day job. I got married to Becky Jones, who I met at Keele. We've now got two girls, Jessica (7) and Isobel (6). I went back to Keele to do an MRes in 2012, and have ended up working in Policy for the trade association representing the ceramic industry. (Mar 17)

Ben Broadribb : Completed PGCE Secondary English at Keele 2007/8. Worked as a teacher from 2008-2015. Now working as a copywriter. Currently studying part time MA(Res) Shakespeare Studies through University of Birmingham. 03/2016

John Clarvis: I am responsible for the creative output of a top 5 media agency. I still use the skills I acquired at Keele every day. Feb2016

Hayley Hamilton : After many years of living and working in Manchester, I recently moved to Cambridge with my partner. I am working as the Student Accounts Manager for Gonville & Caius College at Cambridge University. 

Jonathan Hulme: I now live in Crewe and am the Managing Director of two fast growing international telecom companies driven by innovative software development and a global team. 04/2015

Lucy Jessey (Hinton) : I live in Kent with my husband and our little boy, Edward, who was born in September 2013. I work as a Development Officer (Alumni Relations) for a private school. 

Alison Marshall: I moved in September 2012 to Valencia and currently teaching as a primary school teacher at an international school.

Fiona Reed (McIlroy): Married to Dan Reed (2008), living in Northampton and had our first baby named Theodore in August 2014. 01/2015

Ann Stirrup: Together with another counsellor friend I am now in process of setting up a small counselling practice near home after relocating from the North West to Kent, near Dover over a year ago.

Lisa Todd: Completed graduate scheme at WM Morrisons. I then went on to complete my masters in Occupational Psychology at Leicester University. I now work as a Health and Wellbeing Group Facilitator at a welfare to work programme provider.05/2016

Josephine De Whytell: Keele was a great time and taught me a lot during that part of my life journey. I will always be grateful to Matthew Weait, Nick Cartwright, Jane Krishnadas and Zoe from New Zealand as well as James Tartaglia in the philosophy of the mind class that sparked my interest immensely. But the most loveliest person I met at Keele has to be Phillip Johnson from the library enquirers desk! 05/2016

Brian Witham : Commissioned into the Royal Navy three years after leaving Keele. 06/2015


Dalitso Khauyeza: I moved back to my home country, Malawi after graduating in 2008. I worked in the banking sector for 7  exciting and very fulfilling years ( joined First Discount House in February 2009 as an Intern, became a management trainee three months later, then worked as a money market dealers for 9months. I was then offered a position of treasury dealer by Nedbank Malawi in March 2011. A position i held till September 2016). During my time in the dealing room, I was elected publicity secretary for the Financial Market Dealers Association for 2 consecutive 2 year  terms between November 2010 and October 2014. I recently Married the love of my life on the ( September)  and moved to the United States. I am looking forward to the great adventure that lays ahead. Oct 16

Holly Earp: Since leaving Keele, I moved to London to start work as a Content Manager for Groupon. I've now bought and moved into my first flat (hurrah!) and recently made the move over to the Majestic Wine Group, where I head up the content and social for a new blog. I get to drink a lot of wine, so I can't complain. 05/2016

Alexandra Greenhalgh : Having dabbled in media and journalism, I'm now a project manager, living in north-east Hampshire. 5/2015

James Hempsall: I am currently leading the Governments (DfE) three year national support programme for the implementation of free early learning for the 40% least advantaged two year olds.

Katherine Jackson: I finished my PhD last year and have been doing a PGCE in secondary English since finishing. I will be teaching English and Drama at Clough Hall Technology School next year.

Ravi Jain: Working in Fleet Procurement for the last 2 1/2 years, my company was recently short listed for Fleet News "Most Improved Fleet of the Year" award based on my submission and contributions since joining the company. (Mar 2016)

Nina Kitson (Williamson): I am currently expecting my first child with my husband James. We live in Newmarket, the land of horses! I work in the charity sector while James is a butcher - I'm still a vegetarian.

Phoebe Owen (Tackie-Oblie) : After leaving Keele, I went to the University of Nottingham to study Graduate Entry Medicine. I graduated from medical school in July 2012 and am now working as a doctor in the East Midlands.

Gemma Simpson (Nixon) : Having left Keele for the second time in 2007 I now work as a teacher in a secondary school in Stafford. I work closely with the students in sixth form and love sharing my experiences of Keele with them.

Elly Wallis: After spending 6 years as a Marketing & Comms Coordinator for a UK auctioneer I ventured back into the world of Higher Education and spent 12 months working at The University of Chester in a variety of roles. The most significant of which was an 8 month stint on an ERDF funded project supporting SMEs and Start-ups in the Automotive, Environmental and Advanced Engineering sectors within the Northwest. That role helped me decide I wanted to work in a project environment within an HEI, in a role with a marketing element - which is exactly what I'm doing now at LSTM. I'm three weeks in to my new job supporting a research consortium funded by the Gates Foundation, and look forward to meeting Bill himself at a US conference in November! (Mar 2016)

Emma Watret: After graduating from Keele, I went on to study for my CIlex qualifications and am now heading up my own Industrial Disease Department for Whitestone Solicitors, Rochdale, and assisting in clinical negligence.


Rachel Smith (Mcghee): Favourite memory: The Kiln chips, cheese and beans and 99p drinks on a Monday (Nov 2017)

Natalie Thomas (Hawthornthwaite): Favourite memory is meeting my husband, Richard! (Nov 2017)

Matthew Baird: Following graduation, I spent the following three years living and undertaking work in Cumbria, Durham, Solihull and Birmingham. Now, six and a half years, I'm an Executive Conultant for a specialised recruitment firm in Birmingham. In the last two years I've bought a house and got married and travelled throughout America and Europe. (Jan 17) 

James Dawson: After leaving Keele I went to Sheffield Uni to do my PhD. I then got a six month research fellow position at Kyoto University in Japan. Whilst there I won a 2 year fellowship, so there until 2015.

Lee Goodworth : After graduating I have been working in the Finance and Energy sectors working up to team management and quality auditing.

Nicola Mlynek (Milne) : I went on to do a PGCE at MMU and am now a teacher. I am now married and expecting our first child, a baby girl, in June. I still visit Keele every year.

Sofia Nazaruk : Undertook MSc Hydrogeology course at Birmingham University, currently now working as a Hydrogeologist in the environmental consultancy industry.

Karl Routledge : After working in the Geotechnical Site Investigation industry since graduating from Keele, I decided to undertake an MSc in Engineering Geology at Newcastle, from which I am due to graduate in 2016. Feb2016

Hayley Rumbelow: Specialist Biomedical scientist at Frimley Park Hospital.

Matthew Tebbutt: After Keele I continued education and completed an MSc in Economic History at the London School of Economics before being lucky enough to catch a break in the aid industry, first with Oxfam and latterly with the Danish Refugee Council. I have been fortunate enough to work in Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan and currently work in Tunisia, pending security clearance for a deployment to Libya. 05/2016 

Enric Torrents : During my leave of absence from Keele I went to China, where I finished a Master in International Trade while working for a chamber of commerce. Eventually I got married over there, and due to my wife’s visa and other issues couldn't come back to the UK to resume my studies.  Feb2016

Laura Wloskowicz: In 2010, I worked in America for several months teaching music to children with additional needs. This then prompted me to apply for a Masters in Social Work (at Keele). I have since gained employment with Stoke Council, and have been approved to run a music group with the children and young people that the team work with, allowing young people to express their feelings and emotions through music.