Alumni Circles

Alumni Circles are an integral part of Student Engagement.

We plan to go bigger and bolder with these events. The aim is to engage students with alumni for networking events, internships and mentoring. 

We want to help our academic schools to add value to their programmes:


  •  Demonstrate the impact of a Keele education on employability
  •  Offer enhanced opportunities to students
  •  Feature alumni in prospectuses, webpages, social media, news etc
  •  Enhance open days and offer holder days
  •  Gain intelligence on employment destinations
  •  Identify role models and exemplary and inspirational alumni


Information for Alumni

We are looking for alumni in a wide range of careers to support students who are about to embark on life after Keele. 

Would you like to get involved in mentoring?

Could you offer an internship or work placement? 
Would you like to come back to Keele to do a guest talk or attend a networking event?
If yes, then please contact Alumni HQ or Chris Guest (Careers and Employability) 

Information for Schools/Faculties

We are offering support with student/alumni networking events for schools and faculties. 

If you would like to arrange a meeting with AlumniHQ about support and services we can offer, please contact email

Contacts for Alumni Circles:

This not a complete list of active alumni circles, but it does give an indication of some of those involved, by school.

There are many other circles based around individual courses and programmes, please contact Alumni HQ.

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