How is Keele University performing on sustainability?

People and Planet

Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

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Ethical Investment and Banking 

Keele University’s Ethical Investment Policy explicitly outlines Keele's commitment to never invest in fossil fuels or arms companies and reinvest in clean energy and technology. 

The policy allows for any group or individual member of the University community to make representations to the University regarding its investments. This should be done in writing to the Director of Finance & IT. The representations will then be considered by the Business Review Committee on behalf of Council. 

The University’s ethical investment policy is based on the premise that the University’s choice of where to invest should be in line with its strategic aims and its environmental, social and ethical values. This means the University is commitment to screen out specific sectors from investments. These include a   

  • full commitment to screen out all fossil fuel companies. 
  • full commitment to screen out all arm companies. 
  • Commitment to screen out corporations complicit in the violation of international law. 

Keele University is committed to focus its investments in companies with a positive environmental and/or societal impact, in particular in areas of clean energy and technology. In addition, the University is also committed to investing in renewable energy projects on our campus and development is underway to create a renewable energy park  generating 50% of the campus electricity.  

Workers' Rights
  • As a member of the North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) our ITC supply chains are covered by Electronics Watch , an organisation that works to protect the rights of workers in electronics supply chains.  
  • Keele University has signed the Can’t Buy My Silence universities pledge.
  • Fixed term contract policy
Equal access to Higher Education 

Keele welcomes applications from asylum seekers and those from a forced migrant background. Keele established the Article 26 Sanctuary Scholarship programme in 2014, offering full tuition fee waivers alongside dedicated information, guidance and support. We have supported six scholarships to date, with two students graduating successfully so far and all others continuing with their studies (Access and Participation Plan). We also aim to develop and enhance specialist support for the asylum seekers and forced migrants considering all aspects of the student journey but particularly student success.