Green careers

Are you thinking about working in the sustainability sector and are you willing to make a positive change through your work?

Sustainability is a rapidly growing field. A sustainable career allows you to contribute positively to social and environmental change while also having a successful career. A green and ethical career can allow you to connect your passion and skills for good. There are increasing opportunities in sustainability and related fields.

Although there isn’t a given definition of 'ethical careers', your values and belief might positively impact the work that you will chose. There are several opportunities in both private and public sectors. Discover sustainability-related degrees and jobs.

Careers and Employability at Keele developed a Green Careers Guide with a list of ethical companies, websites and green and ethical job searches.

Green and Ethical Career Guide:

"The definition can vary widely – depending upon your own views and how far you want to take it. In a green or ethical career you could work as a ranger at a nature reserve, or in a business or legal role for a company that places environmental and ethical concerns high on its agenda. Or you may find yourself somewhere in between, while placing human rights campaigns or conservation of natural resources as one of your priorities. This guide aims to provide you with some starting points for your own research into careers that match your philosophy. The rest is up to you!"

Please join the Sustainability Community where we will post opportunities that may be relevant to you.

Some tips for building experience and skills:

  • Searching for jobs, try specific green job search facilities on websites. 
  • There are volunteering opportunities, which are well worth looking into to add to your CV and to gain valuable experience working within Green and Ethical sectors.
  • If you want to work within a business, legal or scientific role, but still show support for global ethics and the environment, you may wish to research potential employers first.
  • Look for careers events in this area.
  • Attend conferences and events.
  • A great skill is being able to communicate, so sharing your story with others.