Live Green

As part of our work to integrate sustainability into the student experience, we strive to create a culture where sustainability becomes the 'norm' and is embedding into everything we do. The Live Green webpages are a resource for students living on campus, off campus, undergraduate and postgraduate students to find out about sustainable living and how to reduce carbon footprints and live more sustainably. 

Explore the below aspects of sustainable living to find tips, links to videos, ideas and resources to reduce your impact on the planet and society, whilst trying something new or learning a new skill. Sustainable living offers opportunities to develop new skills, meet new people and have fun - it's not about going without but thinking about how we can do things differently. If you think something is missing from these pages, get in touch with the Sustainability Team, and if you try something new, why not let us know through our social media channels - you could inspire other students too!