Rooted in our community, yet

Global in reach

Our students, academics and professional staff are drawn from over 100 different countries, and our alumni community are spread across over 180 countries. That rich mix of cultures and our strong sense of community and cohesion provide opportunities for all staff and students to live, work, and socialise in an internationalised environment. This enhances our global outlook and helps Keele act as a local and regional gateway to the rest of the world.

Our students thrive in an active international academic community with programmes that deliver innovative opportunities to gain international perspectives on their discipline area and additional opportunities for overseas study and work experience and foreign language learning.

Keele seeks to grow its international undergraduate community and to double its Postgraduate research community by 2022. To succeed, Keele must articulate and promote its strengths to a wider audience; to governments, universities and schools.

In 2018, Keele University welcomed its first 80 students in a new partnership with Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) to deliver a joint undergraduate programme in International Governance and Public Policy, the first ever undergraduate collaborative education programme on diplomacy between China and any other country. This new course will help deliver the Chinese government’s aims to develop talented young individuals who will be able to represent the country effectively in the area of diplomacy, foreign affairs and economic and cultural exchanges and communication. BFSU is a prestigious Chinese university with a tradition of training a significant proportion of Chinese diplomats, which mirrors Keele’s own history of training students in international relations and diplomacy, who then go on to work in diplomatic roles both in the UK and internationally.

Keele is committed to developing high quality partnerships in China to enable collaborative research and teaching, and to also support staff and student mobility. Keele's world-leading expertise aligns with China's strategically important priority areas for development, especially in global health, environment and energy.