With Scott Walker


Keele Exoplanetarium

Saturday 20th April, 11am - 4pm. DROP IN - SESSIONS LISTED BELOW. 

We Are Guardians

Join Earth's fleet of state-of-the-art satellites for an immersive exploration of their role in monitoring climate change. Suitable for adults and families.

Climate change is one of the most significant threats that we as humans currently face.

We Are Guardians is a highly immersive, leading-edge look at the role of satellites in orbit around Earth - how they monitor the effects of a changing climate, and how the information they provide will be crucial in our fight to reduce harmful emissions.

We Are Guardians is screened inside the Stardome, an inflatable planetarium (a cross between a tent, bouncy castle, and cinema which you step inside). You can see a sneak preview of the experience at the bottom of this webpage.

You can join an experience at the following times (no pre-booking required):


Part of What on Earth?! a series of fun, creative, and engaging activities, performances, and workshops taking place on Keele Campus (and beyond) in the lead to Earth Day 2024. Developed in partnership with the amazing Appetite and fantastic partners from Keele Campus you can spend your visit absorbed in the world around you with lots to see and do.

More details on out-of-this-world event can be found here: What on Earth?! 2024.

Keep a look out on social media and our website for more updates.

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