Ellie-Kay from Mondrem CiC

Dorodango ball

Dorodango ball making.
Saturday 20th April, 11-1pm and 1:30-3:30pm. DROP IN - duration approx 30 minutes.

Dorodango (Japanese for "mud dumpling") is a Japanese art form in which soil and water are combined and moulded, then carefully polished to create a delicate shiny sphere. During this drop in you will join Ellie-Kay from Mondrem CiC and get to make your own Dorodango ball to take away to continue to shine. The shining process has been described as a form of meditation and there comes a point when you start to feel a real connection to the object you have created. What once was soil, becomes precious to you as it slowly starts to shine. 

Part of What on Earth?! a series of fun, creative, and engaging activities, performances, and workshops taking place on Keele Campus (and beyond) in the lead to Earth Day 2024. Developed in partnership with the amazing Appetite and fantastic partners from Keele Campus you can spend your visit absorbed in the world around you with lots to see and do. 

More details on out-of-this-world event can be found here: What on Earth?! 2024.

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FREE. No booking required. 

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