Niall Griffiths

Keele Hall Readings - Niall Griffiths

Keele Hall Readings - Niall Griffiths | 7:30pm | Keele Hall

Join Keele Writing for an evening of live reading with well known authors and poets - FREE and open to all.

Niall Griffiths is an award-winning writer born in Liverpool to Welsh/Irish heritage. He has been living in mid Wales for a quarter of a century. Author of eight novels, memoirs, poetry, various unclassifiable things, and more short pieces, radio plays, essays and reviews than he cares to, or possibly even can, count, the film of his 3rd novel – ‘Kelly & Viktor’ – won a BAFTA. His work is translated into 20 languages and he has given readings across the planet, from South Wales to New South Wales, Cape Town to Cape Cod. He has been Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Wolverhampton and is a Royal Soceity of Literature Fellow.

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Keele Hall, Keele University
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+44 1782 731368

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