Kate Jones

Outside the Confines

Outside the Confines by Kate Jones
at Chapter's Cafe, Keele University

"Outside the Confines’ are a series of oil paintings, inspired by my friends and family, that investigate the relationship between the artist and sitter in both my own work and Western paintings, while exploring questions of representation (and lack of).

Responding to paintings from the renaissance and Dutch golden age eras, which are ultimately displays of European power, wealth, and beauty, each work pays homage to a person that has played an important role in my personal life. Transferring the power of the painting to the subject, my hope is that viewers have their own identities affirmed and feel empowered by the concept.

I am captivated by both our amazing diversity and inherent likeness - to capture someone, with all of their complexities and uniqueness, through paint on a canvas."


Kate Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist, predominantly focusing on photo-realistic portraiture painting, exploring themes of identity and self expression.

'Alive with the personality of both myself and the subject, I am passionate about creating realistic portraits that convey more than a photograph made to look like a painting. 

Within my current body of work, I have been exploring oils within meticulously crafted large-scale paintings. Within any of my portraiture, I strive for the outcome to be more than a mirror of physical likeness – to transcend form and reveal the subject’s character and personality.'


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