Host your own event

The University holds a regular programme of reunion and events - but you may not want to wait for your "turn" or you might want to meet a group of friends in your own way. Please have a look at our tips below and get in touch if we can help.

Experience shows that the most important factors in any reunion are the enthusiasm, energy and time commitment of the organiser. This step-by-step guide may help you to get started.

All French students from the early 1970s? All graduates from 1955? All former members of the Drama Soc? All former denizens of Lindsay? Or just your own mates - some still in contact, but others now out of touch? You may want to celebrate a particular anniversary of your graduation, such as the 10th or the 25th, or you may have no particular milestone.

The range of choices is limited only by your imagination - as is the scale of event: you may want to meet up with a few friends or to collect as many as possible of a wide group who shared a common interest or experience.

We recommend that you tie in with an event already taking place at Keele, such as our annual Keele Day celebrations, or perhaps a concert, lecture, or gig in the Union. Do you want to include a lunch or dinner on campus, to visit your former department, or just to enjoy the unique Keele environment and see how the day develops?  You may want to arrange an element of your reunion off campus too.

Once you have had some initial thoughts, contact the Alumni Office - we will be happy to talk through your plans and give advice.

Collect all the names and contact details you already have, even if they are a little out of date, then get in touch with us to help find your lost contacts. 

We can help you decide what is feasible both on and off campus and tell you about things you could do. if you're planning a bigger reunion, you might consider visiting campus beforehand to plan your day. 

We can help with emails and publicity on social media, and through our usual channels of communication.

You should deal directly with your fellow graduates once they have responded but, if for any reason that is impossible, we might be able to act as a go-between.

A member of our team is usually available to meet you and to help you re-acquaint yourself with the ever-changing campus or enjoy a tour. We always love to meet our returning alumni, but it's your choice.

If you do hope to plan a reunion - or even a private visit - please contact the Alumni Office. We can prepare an information pack for you and, if we are able, join you for a short tour, help you arrange your event, plan where to eat and drink and advise you on accommodation on or off campus; or help you to take advantage of the award-winning Keele Conferencing & Events team.

If you want to stay overnight near the campus, a list of local accommodation can be requested from the Alumni Office, although we accept no responsibility for the premises listed. Visitors might also wish to use this external Bed and Breakfasts website to identify local accommodation. Keele University does not accept responsibility for the content of external websites.