Professor Malcolm Crook

Title: Professor of French History
Phone: (+44) 01782 733199
Location: CBB 0.050
Role: Modern History
Contacting me: Appointment by email or drop in any time

I have spent the entirety of my academic career at Keele since 1972, having graduated from Swansea in 1969, then studied for a doctorate at University College, London. However, in the course of promotion to my current position as Professor of French History, I have undertaken teaching at Manchester and Liverpool, besides acting as Head of History and Dean of Humanities, not to mention a long stint as President of the Association of University Teachers (now UCU). I have also served the Historical Association and the Society for the Study of French History in various capacities.

Lengthy periods of research in France have included many conference and seminar appearances, plus some teaching at Limoges and Clermont-Ferrand. Keele has provided a stimulating and supportive environment and I am sorry that my time here will soon be drawing to a conclusion.

I am currently working on a book entitled ‘How the French Learned to Vote’, a study of electoral practice in France since the Revolution of 1789. It is not concerned with who was elected, but how voters behaved at the polls. Across the Channel universal male suffrage was established in 1848 (though women had to wait for another century), along with a series of different electoral systems and frequent elections, so France constitutes a crucial case study in the development of democracy. I have also been working on a global history of the secret ballot with Tom Crook and on elections in authoritarian regimes with John Dunne. I have just stepped down as editor of the journal French History, but I remain on the editorial board.  

  • France in Revolution, 1789-1804
  • Occupied France, 1940-1945
  • France since 1945
  • Modern Europe
  • Early Modern Europe