Welcome to EPSAM

Welcome to EPSAM, Research Institute for the Environment, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics. The Institute is composed of more than 80 academic staff and contract research staff and more than 60 postgraduate researchers across a spectrum of science from Fire Ecology to Stellar Astrophysics.

The Institute seeks to promote interdisciplinary synergies and collaboration both internally and externally and has a wealth of experience of Research Council funded, Industrial and Charity funded research grants and contracts.

The Institute can bring this experience and  breadth of vision to bear on your research problem and  it is our goal  to obtain sustainable, renewable solutions wherever possible.

Director :  Prof Paul Eggleston 
Tel. 01782 733027
Email : p.eggleston@keele.ac.uk

Deputy Director : Dr. Jacco van Loon 
Tel. 01782 733331
Email : j.t.van.loon@keele.ac.uk