An opportunity to design your individual student experience, in order to develop your knowledge, skills, attitudes and values and enhance your talents so you can make a difference to your world. 

The Distinctive Academic Programme(s) are your subjects of study. Beyond you academic programme this curriculum can also include learning a modern language, studying abroad at a partner institution and the opportunity to choose classes on topics outside of your degree called ‘electives’. Click to find out more about these opportunities.

The Co-curriculum encompasses a whole range of extracurricular activities available to you during your time at university including societies, sports, volunteering, student representation, mentoring and enterprise. At Keele we recognise that these activities are an important part of your personal development. Click to find out more about these activities.

The Development Strand is a range of learning activities to support your personal and professional development, preparing you for life after Keele. You can work towards completing the Keele University Skills Portfolio (KUSP) and gain accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management (iLM) by taking part in the Development Strand.  Keele university was the first in the United Kingdom to offer the opportunity to gain free accreditation in this way. Click to find out more.

The Graduate Attributes are a set of qualities you will develop during your time at Keele. Mastering these attributes and being able to articulate them will place you in good stead in life after university. Click to see the graduate attributes.