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Clearing applicants Apply Here for accommodation 2014/15

Firm, Insurance (2nd choice) & Postgraduates Apply Here for accommodation 2014/15
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Clearing Applicants

We expect to be able to offer you University accommodation either on campus or at Liberty Court in Stoke.   Students allocated at Liberty Court also receive a free bus pass - so there are no transport costs are involved.   Liberty Court is a private hall of residence about 30 minutes from the campus by bus.  Please click here for more information:

In the unlikely event that we cannot offer University accommodation to you, we can place you with landlords who advertise on our website:    All landlords who advertise here are accredited by the local council and are reputable.   Please let us know if you would like us to place you in private accommodation if we are unable to offer you a place either on campus or in Liberty Court.  If you prefer, you can look for your own accommodation, however we strongly recommend that you DO NOT accept a tenancy with any landlord who is NOT accredited with the local council.  The Students’ Union’s advice office, ASK, are happy to check through any contract before you sign it.

For further information please email:

Key Dates for New Students


DateWhat Happens When
31st May Deadline for UK & EU students accommodation applications
14th August onwards Accommodation allocated to Firm and/or Insurance applicants (after examination results confirmed)  
15th August onwards   Clearing applicants apply for accommodation      
17th August Housing Fair for students still looking for accommodation
24th September        New international/EU arrivals day (including Postgraduate)
26th September    Nursing & Midwifery students arrival day
27th September Home students arrivals day (including Postgraduate)

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