Literature Searching

Here you will find guides and tutorials to help you to develop your literature searching skills. For more help on using specific tools please see other tutorial sections.

Introduction to Literature Searching - etutorial taking you through the steps you need to consider when developing a search strategy.

Identify your Question - you need to learn how to identify your question in order to know what information you need and focus your search.

Using PICO - this etutorial will help you to use the PICO tool to develop your clinical question.

Develop your Search Skills - learn how to identify keywords, use wildcards and truncation, consider similar words and combine terms.

Using a Thesaurus - improve your search skills by learning how a thesaurus can help you.

Select the Right Resource - an etutorial explaining the difference between resources and why you need to select the right one.

Using databases in your literature search - for more help using databases to complete a literature search.

Literature Searching using Keele databases - a training course to help Keele staff and students get to grips with Keele-based databases.

Literature Searching using NHS databases - this training course is for NHS staff to help them to use NHS-based databases to support their literature searching.

MeSH on Demand - tool from Pubmed to help you to generate Medical Subject Headings (or thesaurus terms) from your queries.