Journal Article ILL Form

To request a journal article complete and submit the form below. The online request service is available to members of the Health Library and the Faculty of Health, Keele University.

Before you complete the request form, please follow these instructions carefully, or there may be a delay in fulfilling your request.

  • Please enter as much information as you can. The following fields are mandatory and the form can not be submitted unless they are completed:

* Your name  * Your library card number  * Your email address  * Organisation  * Confirm payment

  • The more information you supply us with, the quicker we can complete your request.
  • Copyright Note ** Due to copyright restrictions, we can not supply you with your requested article until we have a signed copyright declaration form. For this reason, you must come in to the library to sign the form when you collect your requests. Therefore requests received via this form can not be posted, faxed or emailed to you.  **

  • If you want to be notified of the arrival of your request by telephone please remember to include a phone or bleep number, otherwise notifications will be by email.
  • Students must photocopy their own articles, if held in the library. Please check the catalogue prior to request. Copies from library stock can be supplied to NHS staff and Keele staff at the standard request charge.
  • If your request is urgent please telephone the library or visit the library in person.

There is a charge for each request:

  • NHS Users - £2 per item
  • Retired NHS staff or Non NHS staff working with the NHS  - £2 per item, £6 if only available from the British Library
  • Keele Users - £2 per item if available from another NHS library in the Region, £6 if only available from the British Library

All forms must be signed and requests paid for before the item can be collected.

Please note uncollected items will be destroyed 6 weeks after notification that they are available for collection is first sent, but may still be charged for.

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In submitting this request you will be making the following copyright declaration:

To be completed on collection:

Please note that all article requests require a signed copyright declaration from the person making the request. Therefore, you will have to collect the article and sign in person as the signature on the declaration must be that of the individual named on the request form.