Our courses

Explore your academic interests and career aspirations through Keele’s breadth of courses, range of elective modules and history of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. You can also view our full range of undergraduate courses in A to Z format.

The foundation years at Keele provide an opportunity for those with diverse backgrounds to access an honours degree.

You will examine life at the most intricate level, discovering what organisms are made of, how viruses and other animal models work.

With almost every aspect of society touched by business, it’s no wonder graduates from business and management are in high demand.

Chemistry is the 'central science'; disciplined in experimental approach, highly creative in thinking and life-enhancing impact.

Understand the theory behind practical computer programming and applied mathematics while gaining practical skills for your future career.

Our disciplines of Criminology, Sociology and Education are respected internationally for our world leading research and education.

Designed to inspire talented individuals develop the critical and creative thinking required for successful careers and lifelong passions.

Our Film, Game Design, Media, Music and Digital Media courses immerse you in historical and contemporary creative expression from around the world.

Forensic science is the application of science within a legal context and forensic scientists are key to investigating and prosecuting crimes.

Focus on the relationships between people and the environment, global environmental change, sustainability and social inequality.

You will study principles and doctrines of English and EU law and have plenty of opportunities to develop your practical skills.

Medicine is a highly rewarding and challenging career that has a huge impact on society and makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Nursing and midwifery are highly respected career choices, offering a range of opportunities for advancement and specialism.

Our established programme in Social Work is joined by Paramedic Science in Keele's School of Medicine.

Become the best pharmacist possible, whether you want a career in community pharmacy, primary care, hospitals or industry.

Understand the way the universe works and the underlying basis for the developments that characterise life in the 21st century.

Our suite of programmes encompassing Physiotherapy, Radiography, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science, Speech and Language Therapy and Sport and Exercise Science, will enable you to develop the therapeutic, analytical and communication skills to succeed as a healthcare professional.

More than ever we need highly skilled, clever and creative people to understand and influence the key social and global challenges of our time.

Our British Psychological Society accredited courses will enable you to explore the mind, brain and behaviour and understand how and why people think, feel, communicate and act.

 From learning about the global sport and esports industry to examining the fascinating role science and psychology play in sport, exercise and health, discover our exciting suite of undergraduate sport programmes. 

This is a unique partnership between two outstanding universities, Harper and Keele. This exciting new programme will educate a new generation of veterinary surgeons ready to enter the modern veterinary profession.