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Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons)

Proposed for September 2025 entry, BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree is designed to challenge you to examine the fascinating role science plays within sport and exercise. As one of a handful of sport and exercise degree programmes delivered within a Faculty of Medicine in the UK, you will have the opportunity to study within an academically rigorous environment, that nurtures the merging of scientific knowledge, hands-on practical experience, and professional practice.

Sport and Exercise Science at Keele

Programme Director Dr. Clare Pheasey talks about Keele's new BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. With experience of working at Sport England, British Swimming, and England Golf, Clare specialises in physiology with interests in sports performance and the development of professional practice in sports science.

Sport and Exercise Science is the application of the scientific principles to sport and exercise contexts. Sport and Exercise Scientists are interested in using these scientific principles to answer important questions, that can have a significant and positive impact on individuals performers, teams, and wider society. For example, sport and exercise scientists are interested in answering
questions such as:

How do athletes prepare for competition?
What happens to the body during during exercise?
Why are some injuries a common occurrence in certain sports?
How can physical activity support the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases?

With access to athletes, teams, and community participants, you will learn how to apply the scientific principles of physiology, biomechanics and psychology to various sport and exercise situations. In doing so, you will enhance your knowledge, understanding, and skills through an exciting blend of interactive small group classes and practical sport and exercise laboratory-based activities. Assignments are designed to reflect real world contexts and challenges, and through small group tutoring, support, and feedback, you will develop the graduate skill sets employers are looking for. 

What does ‘subject to validation’ mean?

This course is ‘subject to validation’ which means that it is in the last stages of the validation process, awaiting final approval. Validation is a rigorous process undertaken with academic staff, students, independent subject experts, and employers to ensure the course is of high quality, and able to prepare students well for their future employment or further study. Validation is not guaranteed.

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