Language Centre

The Language Centre at Keele offers a wide range of opportunities to study Languages, Intercultural Studies, and TESOL teacher training in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Studying a language or TESOL qualification is one of the many ways you can enrich your studies at Keele, enhancing your employability after graduation, and helping you to stand out from the crowd.

In the spirit of Keele’s ethos of internationalisation, the Language Centre is a focal point for cultural and linguistic diversity.

The wide range of modules we provide also allow international students to improve their Academic English Language skills.

From September 2022 the Language Centre will offer three exciting pathways which will be available for the majority of our degree programmes. As not every degree programme can accommodate language centre modules, there will also be additional language options available for students on a degree programme which can not accommodate language centre modules. 

At Keele we have a policy of language for all. Although your principal programme may not allow you to take a GCP pathway, you can still enrol on one modern language module per semester free of charge (up to a maximum of 60 credits). Please note these must be taken on a consecutive basis and you must be aiming to complete the enhanced degree title.

If you choose to take a Modern Language module as an additional module you will need to be assessed to ensure that you have registered on the correct module level. To download and complete the self assessment form click here.

The Language Specialist - Pathway 1

Become a specialist in a particular language and graduate with an enhanced degree title

The Trinity College (London) Certificate in TESOL - Pathway 2

Graduate with a globally recognised English Language teaching qualification 

Language, Culture, and Identity - Pathway 3

Develop the intercultural skills that can enhance your employability by examining how language and culture impact on us both as individuals and on society at large. Discover the relationships between language and culture in different communities, and the roles of language and culture at the workplace.

Please note that apprenticeship learners are not eligible to undertake courses with the Language Centre at this time.

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