CPD Short Courses

Are you a practising healthcare professional looking to further develop your knowledge and skills to progress your career but don’t need an academic qualification? Then our distance learning CPD short courses are for you.

Perhaps you:

  • want to move roles/workplace and need to refresh/develop your knowledge and understanding.
  • are an Independent Prescriber looking to change/expand your area of practice/competence.
  • have completed a clinical diploma but want to study other therapeutic/professional development /service based topics.
  • have identified a learning need but do not need an academic award.
  • are a Pharmacy Technician looking to further develop your skills and knowledge? Our short courses map to clusters and competencies in the APTUK Foundation Pharmacy Framework and domains and competencies in the National Competency Framework for Primary Care Pharmacy Technicians.

We have 27 CPD short courses that you can study: 

  • 17 therapeutics based courses
  • 7 professional development courses
  • 3 service based courses

All these short courses (see list below) are available to be studied throughout the year.

From January 2021 the availability of these short courses will be phased in with all courses available from July 2021 (see list below).

All of our CPD short courses are course units that we run as part of our distance learning Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Practice programme. From January 2021 these are being offered as standalone CPD short courses, without any assessments, to allow professionals to develop their knowledge and skills without studying for an award. You will be issued with a CPD certificate when you have completed the course but no academic credits/or postgraduate award.

Each of our CPD short courses contains approximately 80 hours of recommended learning and have been approved by the University as postgraduate level courses. You will be given access to your short course for a year.

Introductory fee = £199 per CPD short course

You can start at any time. Apply here.

You can also email us on phab.postgraduate@keele.ac.uk with any questions.

Please note it will take up to 2 weeks from receipt of your application form and payment before you are given access to your CPD short course. You will receive emails throughout this time updating you on the progress of your application.

Once your application is accepted you will be a registered student with Keele University. This means that in addition to your CPD short course learning materials you will also have access to the University library and their resources.

Upgrading your CPD short course - Once you start working through one of our CPD short courses you may decide that you would like to unlock the award and credits for the course. You can do this by upgrading to our CPD Plus route. Just send us an email and we will support you through the process.

In order to upgrade you need to meet the following entry requirements:

1)     be a pharmacist or other practising healthcare professionals, registered with your appropriate professional body and practising in in a patient facing role, and

2)     have studied to at least undergraduate degree level, or have at least 5 years of experience  practising in your field.

Upgrade fee = additional £310

Alternatively, if you would like to get academic recognition for your studies from the outset then you should apply for our CPD Plus programme. Modules can still be studied as standalone units but you will undertake formal assessments and be awarded academic credits which you can build up to an award.  For more details on this visit https://www.keele.ac.uk/study/postgraduatestudy/postgraduatecourses/clinicalpharmacypractice/#about-the-course

CPD short courses

Therapeutics based courses:
Professional Develop Courses
Service Based Courses: