Giulia has also an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London and has been working on environmental justice and behavioural change programmes for Non-Governmental Organisations in the UK and internationally. She has been working for three years as part-time Sustainability Project Officer at Keele University organising activities, events and conferences engaging staff and students. Outside of her studies and employment, Giulia co-established the PhD Forum for students in the social sciences as well as the Sustainability Research Network based at Keele University. She also assisted in the organisation of the ECPR summer school at Keele University in June 2013.

Further information

Academic Awards

 UK and IndiaEducation Research Initiative (UKIERI) Fellowship with the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) in Hyderabad, India, September 2015.

Keele Postgraduate Association Bursary 2015

Santander Bank Travel Bursary 2015

Athena Swan Award in 2014

 “Bollenti Spiriti” Award from Regione Puglia 2006

Research Project Summary

Can energy empower women? A Case Study from the Solar Mamas’ project in rural Rajasthan

Embedded within the theoretical frames of Feminist Political Ecology (FPE), Giulia’s research draws on concepts of women’s empowerment, gender inequality and sustainability in order to understand the local impacts of the lack of energy services on women and the implications of this lack for development projects. In particular her study analyses the case study of the Barefoot College, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), based in Rajasthan, India, and explores how small-scale interventions initiated by NGOs can support the empowerment of rural illiterate women and their sustainable development.

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Mininni, Giulia M. (2014).  Gender and energy issues in the global south: implications for the post-Millennium Development Goals agenda after 2015. The Luminary, Issue 5: Constructions of Gender in Research, Lancaster University, UK.

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