I have been at Keele since 2015. Prior to joining Keele, I worked in higher education in Bahrain and in primary and secondary education. In 2013, I received a PhD in Education from Exeter University. I also have an MA in English Philology, BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, PGCE, PGCert in Professional Studies in Education and I am a fellow of HEA. 

Research and scholarship

I am interested in critical internationalisation studies and applications of data science to developing understandings of teaching and learning in higher education.  To date, Aneta has applied these interests in publications that tackle the controversial issue of epistemic (in-) equality of international students, in the UK and globally, critical pedagogy and teaching excellence rankings. I am also interested in global education developments in higher education around the world.


EDU - 10068 Digital Technologies: Rethinking Learning and Teaching

EDU – 10072 Too Poor to Learn? Poverty, Education and Social Policy

EDU - 30073 Education, Work and Identity

EDU – 30072 Race, Politics and Education 



I would welcome projects from prospective research students interested in higher education markets, international higher education developments, the scope and nature of higher education business (comparative perspectives), critical policy and internationalisation studies, and critical applications of data science to understanding teaching excellence and teaching and learning in higher education.

Current Research students:

Kareema, A. (2017). Principal Leadership Styles – An investigation of principal leadership styles in high academic performance of selected international Schools in Saudi Arabia (lead supervisor).

Bhattacharjee, A. (2018 start) What drives investment in private higher education market in Bangladesh (second supervisor).

Maciag, A. (2017). A comparative study of Reaching Algebra Readiness (RAR) between England and Poland (lead supervisor).

Kinsella, S (2016). In the shadow of globalisation: East African teacher trainees navigating the tensions between the local and the global  (lead supervisor). 

Marsh, M. (2016). Managing socio-cultural tensions in the classroom: teacher perspectives on culturally adaptive teaching in an international school in Thailand. (lead supervisor).

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