Dr Andy Zieleniec undertook his ESRC-funded PhD at Glasgow University completing in 2002.

He has worked as Associate Lecturer for the Open University in Scotland and taught at Glasgow University, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the Glasgow School of Art before taking up his post as a joint lecturer in Sociology and Geography at Keele University in 2007.

Over his time at Keele he has worked as an interdisciplinary lecturer delivering modules and teaching in Geography, Sociology, Criminology, Media, Communications and Culture, Education and American Studies at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD supervision.

His interdisciplinary background and experience has led to his current role as Academic Lead and Programme Director for the new Liberal Arts degree programmes launched at Keele and recruiting in 2016.

He has held a number of administrative roles: Exams Officer for MCC, School Academic Conduct Officer, Academic Appeals Panel, University Disciplinary panel, Admissions Officer, Programme Director for Sociology, School Outreach, and Marketing and Recruitment Officer.

Research and scholarship

Andy Zieleniec is an interdisciplinary lecturer at Keele University. His background is primarily in sociology, but also makes contributions in media, communication and culture, geography, education studies and criminology.

His research and teaching interests focus on the interface between space, society and culture.

Dr Zieleniec was awarded a Santander Research Fellowship conducting field work and research on Urban Art in Spain culminating in an Exhibition of photographs and text: Playfulness and Paradox in Spanish Urban Art (Chancellors Gallery, Keele University   May 6th -10th June 2014).‌

He was awarded a Network Seminar grant to deliver a workshop on Walking Studies (with Ceri Morgan)

Currently he is working on the social and cultural dimensions linked to urban regeneration strategies, representations and realities of rural landscapes, urban agriculture, co-editing and contributing to a an edited collection Teenage Dreams: Youth Subcultures in Fiction, Film and Other Media as well as a continuing interest in urban art.
He is an Editor of the European Journal of Sociology and Anthropology.

Peer Reviewer for:

  • Ashgate,
  • Journal of Material Culture,
  • Journal of Urban Studies,
  • Sociological Review,
  • Journal of Irish Sociology,
  • Sociology,
  • International Journal of Housing Policy, Cultural Sociology

Expert Reviewer for:

  • NERC - the Natural Environment Research Council 
  • The Council for the Humanities of Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO, the Dutch Research Council)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee for the Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal.


  • Level 3 Sociology Across the Life Course
  • Level 4 Classical Sociology (Module Leader)
  • Level 4 Understanding the World through the Liberal Arts (Module Leader)
  • Level 5 Contemporary Sociological Theory (Module Leader)
  • Level 5 Cities Culture and Society (Module Leader)
  • Level 6 Space and the City (Module Leader)
  •  Level 6 Streets Skyscrapers and Slums
  • Level 6 Sociology Dissertations
  • Level 6 MCC Dissertations
  • Level 7 Media, Culture and Globalisation (Module Leader)


Zieleniec, A.  (forthcoming 2016) Politics, Pastiche, Parody and Polemics: The DIY Educational Inspiration of the Clash in The Transnational Clash: Essays on “the Only Band that Matters.” Edited by Samuel Cohen and James Peacock, Bloomsbury,

Zieleniec, A.  (forthcoming 2016) The Hermeneutics of the Urban Spatial Sociologies of Simmel, Benjamin and Lefebvre in ‘The Hermeneutics of Place and Space’ edited by Bruce Janz, Springer.

Doctoral Supervision

I have supervised 2 PhDs to completion and am happy to accept applications in the following: social and cultural theory, cities and urban studies, sport and leisure, yo8ung people, education, space and society, or interdisciplinary topics/themes.

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