I am a senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. Before joining Keele University, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Newcastle University, where I also obtained my PhD from the School of Computing Science. My PhD thesis title was “Data integration strategies for informing computational design in synthetic biology”. Previously, I worked in different companies including Ericsson and Reed Business Information as a software engineer, and I have a BSc in Control and Computer Engineering. I particularly enjoy doing research at the boundaries of computing and biology.

Research and scholarship

My research includes the development of novel algorithms, computational design paradigms and frameworks, utilising large, heterogeneous and complex datasets. Semantic Web, ontologies, biological networks, data integration and mining, visualisation, computational workflows, data and model-driven design approaches are some of the areas that I explore. Particularly, I demonstrated the utility of these approaches in synthetic and systems biology, to computationally design biological systems, and to gain biological insights.

Developing model-driven design approaches is a major part of my research to facilitate genetic design automation, and thus, to scale up biological designs in order to achieve novel and complex systems. I apply data integration techniques to mine biological design information, and research in the use of formal semantics to capture this information for machine interoperability.

I am part of the data standard communities in systems and synthetic biology, and have been particularly involved in the development of the Synthetic Biology Open Language to standardise the computational exchange of synthetic biology designs between different tools.

I also use Cloud computing to develop useful applications such as distributed computational workflows.

Google Scholar:

  • Data Integration & Mining
  • Distributed Systems
  • Synthetic & Systems Biology
  • Semantic Web & Ontologies
  • Data Visualisation
  • Computational Modelling & Simulation
  • Data Standards

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  • CSC-20021 Web Technologies
  • CSC-30012 Communications and Networks
  • CSC-40039 Cloud Computing

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