Although both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are in Mathematics, my current research interests are mainly in Mathematics Education. In particular, investigating how computer technology, including online assessment and mentoring, can be used to enhance and enrich the way mathematics is taught.

In addition, conjunction with colleagues at the MCWG (Mathematics Consortium Writing Group) based at Arizona University, I have been instrumental in the publication of 10 textbooks for teaching Calculus which have been published by John Wiley and Sons, NY.

Research and scholarship

  • Numerical methods for the solution of ordinary differential equations, in particular the use of extrapolation techniques for improving solutions of problems defined on infinite and semi-infinite regions.
  • The development of Computer Based Teaching Material (Courseware) and Computer Based Assessment and Diagnostic Tests for student's in first year mathematics courses.
  • The development of materials for teaching mathematics in particular the Calculus together with colleagues at. I am currently working on interactive tools for teaching differential equations under an NSF grant. (CODEE)


  • MAT-20008: Differential Equations
  • MAT-20015: Numerical Methods
  • MAT-30021: Numerical Analysis


School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University