School of Computer Science and Mathematics

With Mathematics being one of Keele’s inaugural subjects since 1949 and Computer Science founded in 1972, our School has a long-standing tradition in teaching and research. We conduct internationally recognised research in synthetic biology, health and cultural informatics, evolutionary robotics, smart energy, machine learning and AI, as well as in pure mathematics and statistics, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, modelling of nano-materials, biomechanics, and computational approaches for solving inverse problems for imaging and ensuring safety and security. We have a vibrant community of undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, PhD research students, professional support staff, postdoctoral researchers and academics.

Our academics specialise in a wide variety of branches of computer science and mathematics, together with a number of postgraduate students and researchers.

We conduct world-class research in key areas of software engineering, medicine and health, smart energy and engineering.

Every PC has the current hardware and software needed for all modules on the degree programme and provide both Microsoft Windows and the Linux operating system.

We're proud to have opened the Overclockers UK Gaming Lab in the School.

This is a 24 station computing suite, which thanks to a gift in kind from Overclockers UK Ltd has been equipped with high spec computer gaming equipment and peripherals.

School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Keele University