Santander Universities partnership

Keele University signed a partnership agreement with Santander Universities in December 2010. The collaboration focuses on supporting students and educational institutions in the form of scholarships, travel grants, internships and project support, as well as academic and non-academic financial awards.

Santander Universities began its activity in 1996 with the conviction that the University is a vital cornerstone of development and progress.

As the division began to grow, so did its global outreach.  Santander Universities is now supporting more than 1,200 universities and research institutes across more than 20 countries and has donated over €1billion to students and higher education institutions since its foundation.

In the past year, Santander Universities’ global funding provided:

  • support for 4,000 academic, financial and technological projects
  • more than 28,000 scholarships and grants
  • €146million of funding to higher education institutions

The first UK partner joined Santander Universities in 2007, with Keele University joining on 9 December 2010.