CREATE members

Ben Anderson (History) - History of environmentalism in the UK

Christopher Bailey (Politics) - US environmental politics and policy

Pawas Bisht (Media) - Media representations of environmental disasters

Philip Catney (Politics) - UK urban and environmental policy

Brian Doherty (Politics) - Environmental movements and direct action protests

Mark Featherstone (Sociology) - Environmental social theory

Eva Giraud (Media) - The relationship between media practices and environmental activism (particularly animal, anti-capitalist and food activism)

Marit Hammond (Politics) - Environmental political theory, deliberative democracy

Robert Ladrech (Politics) - Climate change and political parties

Lydia Martens (Sociology) - Sociology of consumption

Deirdre McKay (Geography) - Environmental impacts of plastics

Joost de Moor (Politics) - Environmental political participation, particularly activism

David Scrivener (International Relations) - International environmental politics, especially the Arctic, and resource issues

Farzana Shain (Education) - Education, peak oil and climate change

John Vogler (International Relations) - The Global Commons, international environmental regimes, external relations of the European Union. 

Rosie West (Politics) - Environmental activism, particular food related

Andy Zieleniec (Geography) - Geography of space; Urban agriculture