T3 A New Idealism

Inspired by an improvised tenor saxophone solo by Wardell Gray, 1955


A new idealism

Inspired by an improvised tenor saxophone solo by Wardell Gray, 1955

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We need a new philosophy
One that stays true to our lives
Not one that tells us we never existed
That we’re not free and we have no soul
That we’re all robots being pushed around by subatomic forces doing just everything that nature and our genes gonna tell us
Prisoners to evolution now
There’s another way to look at things and I am going to hip you to it open up an idealist perspective
Better not be thinking that idealism makes everything less real than it once was
That’s just a parody ain’t no one gonna tell you that the pots and pans and people that you see, that they ain’t out there
That’s how we make sense of the world we feel
What we experience
And experience is real
It opens up a panorama so that we when look inside we find out what is there
So that we can pick it up
Its nature left behind
But what it really is
I’m saying
It’s really transcendent
Its true nature goes beyond everything we know
A self-conscious feeling glow
United in sympathy
A feel that’s beyond all our divisions
The ultimate real, the ultimate feel it’s all the same
And if you’re still inclined to doubting that
Then you gotta ask yourself one question that I’m putting to you
Why d’you think that reality’s here?
How you gonna answer if you’re still a realist?
What caused everything to go big bang?
Where d’ya god come from?
The question makes good sense but you’ve no answer to it
But if you dig my theory suddenly you find that you can find a way to make sense of the whole
Just remember that reality’s transcendent, yeah man
All your ways of thinking only work when you’re inside the space and time of the world inside your mind
True reality is bigger
That’s why you cannot make sense of it
With your usual thinking
Once everyone knows that true reality ain’t captured by some numbers on a page
Maybe we can get together fix it up and when we done we’ll cultivate some wisdom
And we’ll open up the new idealist way
I truly believe, that things would be so much nicer