Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures

We hold regular Royal Institute of Philosophy events in which leading philosophers are invited to Keele to talk about their research and answer questions from the audience. This is perhaps the most popular invited lecture series in the university and anyone interested in philosophy is welcome to attend.

2023-24 Lectures 

All lectures will be on campus at Keele. Please email Jonathan Head.

Invited lecture series

7 November 2023

Clara Carus (Oxford) - Émilie Du Châtelet and the History of the Principle of Sufficient Reason

21 November 2023

Tadhg Ó Laoghaire (Keele) - China and the Demands of Global Justice

29 November (online) 2023

Herjeet Marway (Birmingham) – An Ethical Decolonial Transnational Commercial Surrogacy?

5 December 2023

Jonathan Knowles (NTNU) - Anti-representationalism about thought, about perception, and in cognitive science (and how they fit together)

Semester 2


23 January 2024

Ian Kidd (Nottingham) – How to be a Misanthrope

5 March 2024

Ellie Robson (Nottingham) - Mary Midgley and her place within twentieth century meta/ethics

16 April 2024

Mary Edwards (Cardiff) - Psychological Oppression and Existential Psychoanalysis

These invited lectures are held in association with the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian Research Centre, and the Forum for Philosophical Research, Keele University.

All enquiries to: Dr Jonathan Head -  01782 733515

Former speakers have included:

2022/23: Steve Tromans, Cristina Chimisso, James Tartaglia, Jon Pike, Davide Cadeddu, James Kirwan, Keith Crome

2021/22: Julia Jorati, Sean McGrath, Annalisa Coliva, Tom Clark, Arthur Ripstein, Stanislava Dikova, John Grey, Raymond Tallis, Markus Schrenk.

2020/21: Lucy Campbell, Edward Thornton, Nicholas Maxwell, Gabriel Dupre, Chiel van den Akker, Zachary Vereb, Paul Roth, Arthur Ripstein.

2019/20: Dr Javier Cumpa, Dr Mary Leng, Dr Henry Taylor, Dr Matthew Leisinger,  Dr John Shand, Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, Dr Maria Rosa Antognazza.

Darragh Byrne, Sophie Allen, Jonathan Webber, G.A.J. Rogers, Geraldine Coggins, Anthony Wrigley, Raj Sehgal, Andy Hamilton, John Divers, Rob Hopkins, Luc Foisneau, Daniel Nolan, Paul Bou-Habib, J.J. Valberg, Lucas Meyer, David Efird, Monika Mookherjee, Ann Whittle, Max Kölbel, Paul O’Grady, Dan O’Brien, Neil Gascoigne, Daniel Hutto, Thomas Dixon, Lorraine Code, Dermot Moran, Roxana Baiasu, Julia Tanney, Peter Baumann, Lilian Alweiss, Adrian Haddock, Denis McManus, Paul Gorner, Penelope Mackie, Gordon Finlayson, Robert Hanna, Philip Meadows, Adrian Moore, Stephen McLeod, Nafsika Athanassoulis, Rowland Stout, Sebastian Gardner, Paul Faulkner, Miranda Fricker, Peter Niesen, Glen Newey, Maximilian de Gaynesford, Maria Alvarez, Constantine Sandez, Ralph Walker, Richard Grey, William Child, Katerina Deligiorgi, Stephen Wilkinson, Helen Beebee, Chrisopher Bennett, Stephen Boulter, Nils Kurbis, Danièle Moyale-Sharrock, Matthias Klaes, Jens Timmermann, Helen Steward, Alberto Vanzo, Daniel Whiting, John Hyman, Lilian O'Brien, Sam Coleman, Marcia Baron, Geoffrey Scarre, Michelle Montague, Marianna Antonutti Marfori, Alessandra Tanesini, Paula Satne, Lisa McNulty, Roger Teichmann, Peter Kail, Fiona Hughes, Scott Sehon, Katerina Deligiorgi, Graeme Forbes, Oskari Kuusela, Jonathan Way, Alice Pinheiro-Walla, Robert Stern, Philip Goff, James Kirwan, Stephen Mumford, James Andow, James Lenman, Clayton Littlejohn, John Cottingham, John Callanan,Marit Hammond, Guy Bennett-Hunter, Amie Thomasson, Giuseppina D’Oro, Alex Papazoglou, Paul Giladi, Hans Bernhard Schmid, Stephen Makin, Nicholas Waghorn, Jonathan Head, Shane O'Neill, David Leech, Ralf Bader, Michael Bacon, Emil Visnovsky, Catherine Abell, Fiona Ellis.