Biomarkers and Diagnostic Engineering

Collectively the Biomarkers and Diagnostic Engineering group seek to identify signals which reliably predict whether an individual is at risk of developing a specific condition, and indicate response to treatments. Finding signatures of pathophysiology and methods of their detection is therefore a core tenet of our work.  Key techniques include the use of applied spectroscopic methods (mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy and Raman), and statistical methods to integrate multiparametric datasets.



Dr Sarah Hart 

Senior Lecturer in Bioscience

+44 (0)1782 733759 or 734639

Prof Monica Spiteri

Professor in Respiratory Medicine

+44 (0)1782 675758

Prof Peter Ogrodnik

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

+44 (0)1782 674988

Dr Abigail Rutter

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

+44(0)1782 671660

Research associates and students