The main aim of the Group is to produce monoclonal antibodies and use them as highly-specific research tools for analysis of molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of human genetic disease and in the search for new therapies. The Research Laboratory interacts closely with consultant pathologist and physician members of the Wolfson Centre.

The Wolfson Centre runs the Muscular Dystrophy Association Monoclonal Antibody Resource (Manager: Dr Le Thanh Lam) which distributes free antibodies for research into neuromuscular disease worldwide ( The antibodies are widely used in clinical trials of new treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Research and scholarship

ISTM Research theme: Therapeutics

Research Interests:

• Monoclonal antibody studies of myotonic dystrophy (Dr Ian Holt).

• Monoclonal antibody studies Emery-Dreifuss MD(Dr Ian Holt).

• Proteomic studies of spinal muscular atrophy (Dr. Heidi Fuller).

• Cellular models for McArdle Disease (Dr. Kathryn Wright).

• An SMN ELISA to find new drugs for spinal muscular atrophy (Dr Nguyen thi Man and Dr Emma Humphrey).

• Monoclonal antibody studies of dystrophin and related proteins (Dr. Le Thanh Lam).



The Group is entirely funded by medical research charities with a direct research income averaging £150-250K per annum.

Current research grant funding is provided by the British Heart Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA) and CureCMD (USA)


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