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Apps developed within the School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering.


KARE is a native app developed for Android and iOS devices and constitutes a framework in which myriad scenarios can be developed using the tools within.

The Diabetes Assessment uses KARE to deliver a set of three patients presenting with different symptoms related to their underlying diabetes. These interactive patients are simulated in real-time and the students are expected to manage the patient’s admission to hospital for up to five days. To do this, users will be able to communicate with the patients, conduct examinations, request lab tests and prescribe from a range of treatments. Prioritisation and time management are crucial skills here, as the lab tests will take a realistic time to be returned, during which the patient is responding dynamically to their illness and the student’s actions.

You can download this version of KARE on the Android and iOS app stores by searching for ‘KARE Diabetes Assessment’, and even if you‘re not one of the students on the course, there is a sample case anyone can experience.

The KARE framework can be used in real-time as above, or for short exercises to explore the effects of treatments on an illness with ways to manipulate the passage of time within the app. It can use animated 3D characters on the device screen, or project them using AR into a room to create an entire simulated environment, or simply not use animated characters at all and focus on the technical aspects of an exercise.

Pharma Compounds

This app has been designed to be used as a learning tool for As Level Chemistry and Biology students for use in a research Keele University research project that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Augmented Reality in science education.

The app works with a set of printed playing cards that are available to Chemistry and Biology students at the Keele University School of Pharmacy website.

By scanning each card, information about each topic will appear as well as a 3D model for reference. Certain cards become interactive when brought close together. For information on which cards have additional functions scan the cards and read the associated descriptions.

This app has been designed to form part of our revision tools for our students on our Masters in Pharmacy course and BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business as well as Biology and Chemistry 6th form courses. For further information about these courses and the School of Pharmacy, please contact us at  pharmacy@keele.ac.uk or visit https://www.keele.ac.uk/pharmacy-bioengineering.

You can download a set of target images here.

Pharma Compounds (4,694 KB)

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Manage Your Health App

Manage your Health is an app developed with and for Stoke CCG, to provide information and advice to people with a range of long-term medical conditions.

Users download content packs for each condition to more efficiently use space on their device. A condition may include a range of text and images, links to resources and animated characters to demonstrate complex concepts such as breathing techniques and inhaler usage demonstrations. There are action plans which can be completed on the device, and charts to track information such as blood pressure, peak flow or glucose.

Manage Your Health is freely available across Android and iOS devices.


Manage Your Health App

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